Evocation to Visible Manifestation, Attempt #3

For those of you don’t know from my previous Attempt #2 thread, I’ve been trying to ask President Marbas to visibly manifest for me. I think I’ve made some progress, but I want to get an unbiased impression from you guys too.

In my current Attempt #3, I’m doing a month-long ritual to draw Marbas into myself and a ring I had made for him (a picture of which you can find here). It will be completed on the Halloween full moon, a blue moon. I’m making daily blood offerings to him, anointing the ring in blood.

In my second offering, which was last night, after I felt his energy/made the offering/concluded, I blew the candle out and it made a LOT of smoke. I suddenly got the mental message to record it, so I did, in slow motion. In a couple frames, I think there might’ve been apparitions.

This one is the clearest:

Here’s the same photo with an outline around the whole figure and the eyes as well.

Do you guys also see it? Do you think it was him?


Looks like you got him bro. A very clear apparite. Well it seems clear lol.

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He looks like a dude with sunglasses.