Evocation ritual with minimal tools

As the topic says I want to know if there are working methods any occultists here can tell with minimal tools. I know how to into TGS thanks to E.As wonderful YouTube channel. I heard that the spirit might need a manifestation base. I have a few candles which I can cram a few incense sticks. Are there other manifestation tools?

I know the prequisites for the act now all I need is a working system. Please help as I am OBSESSED now.

What are you trying to do? Are you striving for the physical manifestation of a spirit?

I ask, because you can easily do an evocation in an astral temple that won’t require any external tools whatsoever.

Hey @DarkestKnight. I would prefer to have the spirit physically manifest.

Astral Temple? Would that require leaving the body?


No, no leaving the body. Essentially, you get into TGS, and build the temple in your imagination. Then, you perform the ritual, but in your head, not in physical space.

Try this: It’s about as bare bones as you can get, though it doesn’t require a manifestation base so it is less of a physical manifestation.:


Isn’t it in the astral plane?

The imagination is the gateway to the astral plane. That is why, when you travel the astral, anything you can imagine will manifest. If you want to take the form of a dragon, other denizens of the astral will see you as a dragon, and react. If you feel threatened and want to hurl lightning from your hands, you can do that too. If you are fearful, whatever you fear will manifest.

You do not need to leave the body to access the astral.


How do you know what is imagination and what is astral?

They are one and the same. It is only through focus and concentration that the “regular” imagination becomes the magical imagination.

To create an astral temple, for example, requires visiting it every day and focusing on it in order to solidify its existence. Otherwise, it will dissolve back into nothingness.

Astral travel first begins as imagined projection. Have you ever sat in a chair, relaxed into Alpha, and travelled to different rooms in your house, or along your street, in your imagination? That is the precursor to astral travel.


yes I have. But i always thought I failed as I never got out of body

I was simply imagining walking down my street once, and I suddenly wound up in Los Angeles (I live in Canada so LA is a considerable distance from me physically, so I have never been there). It was full on astral travel and it shocked me so much I snapped back into my head, and had a headache for a few hours.


How did you know it was LA


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Now you are a master astral traveler right?

Nope. It’s not a priority for me so I just play with it.


I think if you consciously travel through your astral body at least once, then it solidifies it a little. So the more you astral travel, the more your consciousness is shifted away from the physical body.

I don’t think that is true, but you are also trying to run away from your body so…:man_shrugging:

Apologies to @LucifertoLilith for derailing her thread.


I am just working on projection. I have Ameiniel’s sigil under my bed and pillow. As well as invoking Lucifuge every night. It has helped me remember dreams, but no projection yet.

yup sorry

No Problem! Soul Travel is a big thing on my list. I’m learning.

So I know this off topic but I’m getting ready to path work WOD. I’ve gotten to ch. 3 with the darkness meditation but I’ve felt a little intimidated by it.

I only have one albeit stupid question. If I were
To visualize my surroundings like is instructed would I actually start to…like see? Even with my eyes closed?

Apologies if it’s a stupid question. I’m still only just waking up. :joy: