Evocation of Nyarlathotep and received sigilized gateway

Yesterday late at night I had a strong feeling towards Nyarlathotep and I felt like he was calling me somehow. I closed my eyes and began a simple evocative process. When I said I call thee in my temple I saw an images of a dark veil coming through the dround tearing apart the place which I stood and suddenly everything became dark.

Then while still looking in this blackness stars appeared and clusters and then strange geometric shapes with strange edges appeared with glyphs on them. Then many eyes staring at me came from the strange dimension which oppened by the shapes.

The spirit who spoke to me identified itself as Nyarlathotep Herald of the Dark Gods and he spoke to me about the Outer Gods and how to ritually evoke them to bring darkness to this plane. We spoke a great deal about many things and he gave me a sigilized gateway to him. I asked if I could share with others and got his permission so here it is~.


Following Nyarlthotep came Yog-Sothoth chan :3. I ve been contacted in the same manner as Nyarla-chan~ It was quite intense and very very educational.
Received the following sigilized gateway.


UPDATE V2: I began serious work with the lovecraftian entities from in between places. Today I received the Gate of the Silver key and the Silver Key itself. The gateway I was told that it leads to the Mountains of the Silver God and its a shotcut to the Labyrinths of Zin. Iam going to work with it and see what I can learn. Here are the sigils.

After going to dream travel in the gate thats the 1st scenery that a got =


The lovecraft stuff really isnt my cup of tea. but I enjoy your art and its consistency. Its clean, very hard to try to channel and not have things get sloppy. If I might ask, what practical purpose do these gateways and keys serve?

Those posted here is a shortcut for the labyrinth of Zin and also a great gateway to communicate with the Old Ones. Just looking at them before shamanic journeying for example can connect you with their anergy and then further down to lead you to them.

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I opened the Gateway of the Silver key. I slowly fell into trance while gazing at the key and the Gate. I felt a like somethign was pulling me. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again there I stood, at the marbled staircase of the Gate. I looked up and saw a Cyclopian Hexagonal Gate made by some kind of a strange Monolith. At my sides two walls made by a biluminescent white marble had strange hieroglyphs written in some unknown Alien language. I began to ascend.

When I reached the top I was taken aback by the glory of the Silver monolithic hexagonal gateway. It was huge, even more when I saw it closely. My eys gazed upon a second set of glyphs beside the gate. Their vibes gave of something eerie nd strange… I felt like I was being watched. I turned my attention again to the gateway and focused on the key. The key appeared in my hands and I looked upon the strange keyhole and felt a strange power reaching out to me, to grab me. I offered the key, the key levitated and entered the keyhole.

Immideately the gate activated! It started to spin rapidly clockwise and the strange glyphs around it were glowing with a darkish-purple aura. The gateway opened and from within it a spiral of stars and clusters pulled me in violently. I was falling endleslly without direction. A strange current was everpulling me down the strange spiral and I felt like I had take drugs… At last after what seemed as an everlasting falling I saw a landscape below me.

There it was: “The Mountains of the Silver God”. I saw great mountains with silver dust up on their peaks and valeys of strange colors and flora. A great river was flowing like an S shape with its waters being a silverish white colour. I landed in a forest. I was standing on a strange circle inside a greater geometric triangular shape. All around strange alien glyphs were carved and strange patterns was decorating the strange array.

Suddenly I heard a strange sound, unearthly one which filled me with wonder and a bit of terror without knowing why. Then I saw a tall creature dressed in what it seemed to me ceremonial robes. Its garments were light blue and the colours mixed in were vibrant and gave me the impression that it was something important. The creature was very tall and its face was concealed by some sort of a mask. A pair of golden globe earrings were hanging from its long elvish like ears and its hands were slim and long.

I tried to speak to “him”. I said: -Who are you? Whats your name and where Am I exactly?

  • The creature noded and it seemed to me like he giggled: - You are in the forest of Zandarim, that would be translated as The forest of the Beginnings in your language human. Iam Zagar’Daathlameg’n the priest of the forest keeper of the talisman of Zostar.

All that dialogue was in some alien language which at the time I understood somehow. So naturaly my next question was why I was lead here. The Priest aswered me.

  • You’ve been contacted by the Outer Chaos the Black man. He guided you here for you are destined to meet Them… The Outer One’s. Thats why you were lead here, in this forests. Everyone who is destined to meet them ends up in this forest. Through here you’ll be able to find the path to the labyrinths…

I was silent. I was trying to process the info that the entity gave me. I felt dizziness. I felt like something was trying to pull me back. The priest reacted:

  • You are not ready yet to walk the valeys of Dathaarlakt, but soon you will be. Go now and take this with you. Next time that you l come here this will lead you to me…

Suddennly blackness covered my eyes and was back in my body. A very strange and unique experience indeed…


Fucking awesome dude :smiley:

Thank you kind sir

This is so awesome! I’ve haven’t had to much experience with working with these guys, but have invoked Nyarlathotep as few times. Actually, the first time after i went to sleep i woke up to a swirling black mass above me in bed, it actually startled me, but knew instantly what it was, reached out to it & felt the tell-tale sign of possession, like electricity running through me, but it was a good experience. after it had left & i went back to sleep i had dreams of similar things you described, but at the time didn’t quite know what i was seeing? never got any sigils, but i think you just provided similar types shapes i did see, but didn’t record them, as i said wasn’t sure what i was seeing at the time. Anyway very cool & great job


                      "The Gate of the Silver Key: The Return"

Once more I decided to return to that abominable Woods. I took a deep breath and laid down to the cold soil. This time I’ve been prepared. I climbed up the mountain and ended up in the Mountain ruins. When the night fell I began the initial preperation. I drew the Gate upon the ground with a special mixture with special dust on it. I drew the symbol of the Key in my abdomen. I closed my eyes and after some time I reached inner clarity and a state of “Void meditation” I found myself again before the strange Alien Gateway.

This time everything happeed very fast! In fractions of seconds I found myself again in the same unearthly Woods of Zan Darim. I used the seal of the Priest. Immideatelly a sudden force lift(d) me up in the air and started to pull me through the Woods with immense speed. Suddenly I saw before me a Great cave made by some sort of tirkuaz ore. I couldnt quite figure what it was. The force led me in, deep in the cave, and then stopped and dropped me down. In front of me, The Priest of the Woods, Zagar’Daath Lameg’n was sitting in a throne which in its base had long and thick roots.
He seemed lost in thoughts, he was resting his face upon his hand and he didnt seemed surprised by my presence. He looked me in the eyes and said:

PRIEST:“So you decided to come back, very few individuals choose to do this. What’s your reason?”

ME:“I wanted to see where this journey will lead me. I wanted to see what experiences I will receive. I feel a very strange attraction…”

PRIEST: “Was it curiosity?”

ME: “I wouldnt say that, No.”

PRIEST: “Hmm… Very well then, let us begin”

ME: “What exactly?”

PRIEST: “Your tour on this place…”

The Priest got up and once again I was stunned by his size. He raised his left arm and with a strange gesture a sudden bright violet glow appeared. The Guardian put his arm inside the violet glow and pulled off a cane with strange signs on it.
He streched his long arm and reached to grab me by my shoulder. He struck his cane on the earth two times and suddenly we found ourselves atop a mountain peak! The mountain had silver dust upon it and a cold breeze was blowing. From there you could see clearly the Woods and the river and far behind the woods a strange and peculiar Temple with Cyclopian assymetric architecture. (Images below)

ME: “What is this structure? Why you brought me here? Why you are showing me all this Zagar?”

PRIEST: “That is the Temple of “The Goat with a Thousand Youngs” I brought you here to show you your next destination”

ME: “Shub’Niggurath? For what reason I should go there?”

PRIEST: “As I said Iam a Priest, the priest of the Outer Goddess of the Dark Woods. Your first contact will be her in the Land of the Silver God”

ME: “Hmm… If we Are in the Land of the Silver God why dont we go to him? Who is he basically?”

PRIEST: “In thios Land links exists, contact’s… And they are 3. Shub’Niggurath, The Toad God Tsathoggua, and The Silver Gigas (Greek word for Giant). You have to pass their trials and to be trained by them in their secrets. If you are worthy you will meet the Lord of the Silver Tower.”

A shiver pierced my spine. Cold sweat bathed me. My body was shivering and I didnt know why. Gazing upon the assymetric Temple a cloud of Black Miasma unleashed from it. I felt an unholy and abominable presence calling me. A blasphemous current of energy was “pulling” me like a magnet to the direction of that Cyclopian Temple and I KNEW that the Goat of the Woods herself wispered to the winds to tranfer her words to my ears. …

PRIEST: “So? Human, I see that you are afraid hahahahahaha! It is time for you to give up…”

He said that like he knew… But, he was wrong!

ME: “Yes, Iam afraid that you are right, maybe I should.”

A sarcastic look outlined in his Silver Mask, he was sure for his verdict…

ME: “I will stay! I will meet the Silver God. I will not back up!”

The priest seemed surprised.

PRIEST: “In the end I was wrong about you. You are a much prosmising individual to say the least. But our time together seems to come at end. Go now, Until the next time!”

And like that, with a clap of his fingers I found mysellf back to the physical world…

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Wow awsome, great work!

Man!!! I just noticed this thread by looking for something else!!! This is awesome!!!

to quote the movie Black Dynamite: this…is some heavy shit.

first of all, i love it when they show up unannounced. spiritual manifestation without evocation is one of the great joys in my life as a magician. this reminds me of the time Odin showed up in my home and brought a piece of Valhalla with him.

secondly, those gateway sigils…my god brother that shit looks intense, even through the internet i can feel the energy those things give off.
in my own experience with such things you need to ask those who gave them to you what the hell the text around them means. ignorance is NOT bliss for the magician. its SLAVERY! even if its just the same phrase repeated over and over again, you NEED TO KNOW otherwise you could be controlled by the words in a sort of unconscious binding.

i’m not saying that they gave you just enough rope to hang yourself with, but your personal safety has to take priority.

all in all i love what you’re doing bro keep it up as it’s clearly part of your path.


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Thank you so much sharing all this! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much all of you for your kind words and for taking time to read this post. Also brother @WiseManEcho thanks for your heads up :wink: I learned what those were they just needed to test me to see if Iam worth to transfer their knowledge to.
@Arianna Dont mention it, sharing is caring~

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Blimey!!! If I am not mistaken I believe we are still to hear much about this. I believe we are to expect a lot from you in the future… Keep us in the loop… i can’t wait to read more…

@Milla So many things have happened and believe me I dont exaggerate on this! Many revelations and messages came through and experiences that I believed until now only to be theories or fantasies. Thta changed my life completely in every sense.

Oh, but tell us!!! Do tell us… I was simply amazed at the kinds of original sigils you were able to draw… If you were to go on and write a book, I certainly will buy it…

Thank you for your kind words and in fact iam finishing a book/grimoire of sorts and Ill release it soon for 10$ for anyone interested and it ahs a mic of magic spells and rites which work practically. Its a mix of my own personall working and know workings from various magicians and grimoires of all times. Well if you are interested I’ll post it right away :wink:

The Gate of The Silver Key: Shub-Niggurath, Discendo

Its been a couple of days since I last visited the Land of the Silver God. I dont know if its terror or something else, ineffable, that made me delay the operation and visit back there. But my curiosity got the best of me. So I hicked up the mountain near my village and at midnight drew those alien symbols down on the ground. The only light that I had with me was those of the candles. The Mountain and trees around me suddenly started to feel very alive, like they were “animated” by some kind of untold power. It was like the Mountain itself knew what I was about to do. The nature herself was not to be found there.

I drew the symbols in my body and I took a sip of Absinthe, I laid down on the cold soil ready for my “descend” to the abominable place. I took a deep breath and I outered the unspeakable chants:

“Agar Am Da’tha’lah Ug’n lameh Nigiritraa”

Immideately I found myself back to the Woods of the Land of the Silver God. I called the priest and he came. He looked me and said:

PR: So are you ready to see our Goddess?
ME: Talk about yourself I do not bow down to anyone

PR: With that attitude and arrogance you will not go far boy…
ME: Its not arrogance, I do give praise but Ill not become a slave.

PR: Very well then. Let us not waste time. Let us go the road ahead is long. Lets have a chat child. Tell me, what you wish to learn?

ME: First of allwho and what is Shub-Niggurath? Sure I have read the novels and various “grimoires” but you should know better. Where she comes from?

PR: For starters, Shub-Niggurath is one of the Outer Ones, an Elder One as you mundanes call her. She like all other Outer Ones came from a Planet called Yugoth as called by the humans but the real name of that Globe is Shar’Goth. Niggurath have a humanoid shape with a goat head… Thats what your punny mind can receive as an image anyways. She has dominion over sexual powers and desires as well as fertility.

ME: I see, like the Aphrodite of the Outer Space (pun intended)

PR:HAHAHAHAH! You have a sense of humour I see.

While we were crossing the woods and getting closer to that abominable temple I was feeling the power of Shub-Niggurath crushing my being. Finally we where standing before the main gate of the Cyclopian Temple. The Priest looked at me and said:

PR: Go on then, my guidance ends here. Get inside and let your insticts guide you to the Mother. But a word of warning. Whatever you do do not touch anything without her permission. Whatever approaches you keep going and do not pay attention to it…

The tone of his voice was nasty and sinister. It matter of secs he had vanished. While I was standing before the Gate I felt the blasphemous presence of the Dark Goddess and every fiber of my being was against me going in. I took a deep breath and decided to proceed. From the momment I went in I could feel the abominable miasma all around me choking me with its stench. I could see it around as a black smoke.

I proceeded. While I was walking inside the Cyclopian Temple I saw weird paintings with strange creatures engaging in terrifying rituals of sacrifice, orgies and feasts of flesh, to a feminine figure, very attractive sexually which had goat hoodes and horns. At some point that sexually attractive figure changed to an abominable moster huge with myriads of legs and a terifying head of a sinister Goat.

While I was wandering inside and looking at the paintings I felt the presence of something or someone watching me. The lighting was dim and on the air was the smell of incense. After wandering for some minutes I found myself in front of a huge, assymetrical gate. On the centre of the gate there was a symbol which implied that inside the Dark Goddess resided. I reached with my hand the Monolithic gate and touched it.

Suddenly the gate satrted to move and with a very weird way beyond description to open. I looked inside and I saw obsidian floor with huge columns made from hematite with weird, alien inscriptions on them. Incense holders where hanging from the ceiling and a dozen of small candles where on the floor. Deep in back, in the darkness I saw a slim figure in the smokes. Suddenly a pair of glowing yellow eyes pierced my body with their glare and a very feminine voice said to me to get closer.

Although I was afraid my body moved on its own. As I was approaching the Dark Goddess the feeling of terror grew inside me. I reached the throne and then I laid my eyes upon her! I have never saw in my life more beautiful women than her!!! White skin, crimson lips and hair. She was sitting on her glorious throne from Onyx, naked.

I bowed and greeted her:

ME: Hail Shub-Niggurath, Goat of the Black Woods and Mother of a Thousand Youngs. Iam here to undertake your challenge and learn from you so I can be of your kin.

With a wide smile the Queen of the Cyclopian temple said:

SN: Very few have reached so far and noone went beyond here. Why you should be different?

ME: To my knowledge great Goddess many have been past here. I choose to heed the words of the Priest and came here.

SN: I see that you are determined. For that alone I’ll allow you to take the trial, but do not be fooled you will not be under my favour…

She looked me with a stare very judgemental and pierced my soul. I noded yes and she sat on her throne again. She said to me:

SN: Drink from the cup at your right and sit down. I sat down reluctantly, and took the cup and drank the dark liquid. It was sweet and the taste was like I was drinking cherry juice. She looked me and said:

SN: So are you ready? Here is where the trial starts. What you just drank is called Eg’n Nethaf’thum Mortis. Its pure toxin mixed with my blood. In a minute or so you’ll start to feel dizzy, you’ll want to vomit and feel unbearable pain. If you manage to retain your sanity inside this psychedelic “trip” Ill bless and teach you.

Before she could finish her sentence this blasphemous entity I had already been paralyzed. Everything around me was swirling and a strong headache made my body move uncontrollably. My ears was in pain and I was hearing a buzz which drove me mad. Minutes seemed hours and hours like years. I found myself floating in the cold void. I could not feel anymore my “being” but still, something was connecting me with my physical pain. Inside that cold darkness infinite images were passing through my eyes. Images of happiness, sadness, ruin, and destruction. After all these, and while fighting to stay sane I had visions of strange cultures and beings. Entities out of human comprehension. Manuscripts, techniques, technical instruments and strange alien technologies and buildings of immense height. The “volume” of knowledge as the Greeks said ahhaha (self sarcasm)… All that knowledge caused me unbearable pain, pain beyond imagination both physical and mental.

I saw visions of the Old Ones and from whence they came. I saw them building Cyclopian towns and libraries of assymetrical architecturewhich had corridors which led to different dimensions. I saw abominable rites and heard blasphemous chants which no human dare to speak and “black deeds” which no human ever performed or ever will. And In that delirium which I have fallen, I saw him… Inside my pain I got a glimpse of him… YOG-SOTHOTH, The Gate to All That Is. I felt his stare piercing every fiber of my body tormenting it to its limits. It was like he could read me like an open book. At that momment I remembered all events that have passed through my life. Suddenly I returned to my body.

OH My God!!! What have I done!!! So much pain! Agony!!! All around me there was spilled the black liquid and I was vommiting uncontrollably. All around me black creatures were gathered. They where the same as those on the paintings in the walls. I assumed they where the “Thousand Youngs”. I turned my stare up and looked Shub Niggurath. While she was still in her throne she looked at me and smiled:

SN: The descend has ended. You are back…Hahhahahha!!! You will see the world in a different view;

Still dizzy and with my eyes trying to focus I got up. Something was…Odd. I felt lighter, like out of my body. My senses were enhanced somehow. While still looking around I saw my reflexion… My physiology had changed! I had eyes with the golden colour of the moon, hair silver and deep dark skin like obsidian. I was sure that my trial was over, but her teachings…Not!


Blessing & Gift of the Black Goat of a Thousand Youngs

I once again visited the place where Shub Niggurath dwelled. When I “arrived” she took me to a strange chamber and showed me strange books and scrolls which contained to what my understanding was at the time rituals and spells. During my stay there she helped me and teach’d me how to manipulate my energy to each part of my body and how to awaken my personal sexual energy. After some time she gave me a certain circle which she told me that is to be used to travel to other places within the land of the silver God. Here is the circle which I received:

The Circle as a whole

The symbols translates as follow:

  1. Unto the Moon of Uru’k
  2. Transcend the confines of Space and Time

Image here: http://imgur.com/a/F8odR

  1. By Shub-Niggurath’s Will
  2. Let me pass/through
    5)Transcend the Realms of Spirit
  3. For Iam the Black Man
    7+8) Coordinates for the Land of Uru’k (Eibons birthplace according to her)

Image here: http://imgur.com/a/ijDn9