Evocation of Lucifer

I’ve seen him as a green reptilian figure also. With yellow eyes. He was kind of glowing in that shape, like a tropical green.

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Both theories are very interesting.

I think that as an older handsome teenage boy,he is meant to represent a physical ideal you strive for,as a man in his peak,and all that Dorian Gray crap(although,the Picture of Dorian Gray is awesome!)

There’s a degree to possession in every magical work you’re doing.That as you work with some kind of entity their power and mindset enters you more and more.That’s why I enjoy possession so much.It’s basically saying:

‘‘Hey,you know that thing we’ve been doing all throughout our interactions?You know that thing you’ve been doing to awaken secret power inside of me?You know that thing that left a lasting impression on me?Let’s reproduce all of that!’’

So by working with this idealistic representation of man in his prime,on top of his immense supernatural power,you’ll be becoming more and more like Lucifer,but still you(just like what you do with every god),until ultimately,spiritually,you’re man in his prime.

I always considered the fact that I’m already in my teen years,I may not be so tied to achieving this goal of perfection and man in his prime.

So Lucifer appears to me as a child,as someone who shows me,what I’m losing.That as I progress into adulthood,I’ll be parting with my childhood,my overly vivid imagination,and a bunch of other stuff…and he’s there reminding me of what I’ll lose,and what I’ve lost and what I am losing.

Whereas for adults,he appears in that shape to remind them of what they lost,what they’re losing and what they’ll lose.

Just food for thought.Because I don’t Lucifer is just there to remind you that you’re worse than you were.Lucifer is here to remind you that you’re growing,changing,evolving,and he’s there to ensure that more and more of the good stuff stays,by helping you become more like the ideal that you’re losing and lose less of the good stuff and part with more of the bad stuff.

Again,I have no idea.The best thing to do is to ask Lucifer.


Have any of you tried just this evocation for Lucifer that EA posted, without a sigil or any other ritual?

Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu”

“Etsel Mala’kel
Test’zel Sam’tan’el
Itz Retz Nama’tel
Itz Hel Asta’Rel
Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala
Kama’Kala Satan’el
Lucifer Kama
Lucifer Kala
Lucifer, Kama’Kala Vel.
Me Vaskalla
Me Solvalla
Me Res’Alla Ah’tan’tel


Please do not try to resurrect old dead posts. No forum necromancy please. This one has been dead since August 10, 2015

Okay, I’ll setup another thread then.

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Whoah there hoss, you may be thinking of another forum - thread necroing is fine and dandy on here, happens all the time. :thumbsup:

It’s actually mentioned in the New Member Resources thread, even:

There’s some amazing stuff on here going back some 5 years, and it would be a shame to have it buried for good, especially when the software presents related topics at the bottom of every thread. Just be aware that the people who posted it may have moved on, but there are many people who will be happy to answer with their thoughts, questions, opinions, etc.

As you were, @The_Wizard_Rudra


Thank you for correcting me. I was incorrect in my actions.

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I may sound stupid in asking, but what exactly does pledging ones self to an entity, specifically Lucifer do?

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Usually you do it to link your life paths (if that’s the right word for a spirit of any kind) - they assist you along your ascent and development, and you hold a presence for them on earth, occasionally do work for or with them…

It also usually means you won’t shop around for a better deal with any other spirits, so, kind of like a marriage, they know they’re going to get a return on their investment in you, that you won’t just take their favours and then move on. You could work with other spirits, but not in the same intense way.

That’s my take on it anyway, terms in magick can be flexible so someone else probably has a different perspective. :slight_smile:


Does this mean I still reincarnate? Or what would happen to my essence in that sense?


You’d negotiate that with the spirit, IMO it’s not something to get into unless you have good spirit comms, otherwise you’d be like a mail order bride shipping yourself halfway round the world to someone you don’t even know after you die! :laughing:

If you’re going to work closely with a spirit, you need to either limit the term so you can get to know them, or know them before committing, and asking them to help you navigate after death to whatever you want is often part of the deal.

My relative Varnaxis wanted to become a demon, and that was in his bargain for example.


As per always, @Lady_Eva to the rescue. Thank you.


This is eery, just had this exact conversation with my pact mate 20 minutes ago!

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Don’t take this as me being a snarky little shit. I’m just honestly curious as to where this power over other entities comes from. What makes Lucifer more powerful VS others?

The OP got banned for going off on one and preaching, he was obviously sincere but misguided as to the extent to which preaching is permitted here. :frowning:

Oh my. For example to what extent is it bannable?

For all eternity! Muahahahaha! :smiling_imp:


Keep turning up on a thread making the same points and trying to place your reality inside someone else’s head, I mean probably MOST of us on here have strong allegiances to certain goals, spirits, philosophies, and there is a time and place to share these fully, and a time and place to say “Yo not what you’re asking here but have you thought of…” but he went beyond that. There were other issues as well.

It’s a common sense line most people have no problem grasping, anyone can occasionally get a little heated or push a point too much and that’s usually dealt with by splitting the topic, removing a post, whatever. :thumbsup:

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This is a very good question. What makes one spirit more powerful than the other? Who or what determines the levels of power anyone has?

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Oh I see and he just kept doing this, with other posts as well?