Evocation of King Paimon

Most definitely! In fact I started a post on it not to long ago! Do you ever feel "drawn" to an entity as if they are calling to you? - #12 by Halastjarna In fact King Paimon was one of them. Also something to bear in mind as far as Goetic spirits go do not overlook Glaysa Labolas as he is much more than a tool for baneful intent he is also a teacher as well and a wise knower of all occult and sciences. “tells all things past and to come, knows all sciences,”


By the way- English reads perfect to me


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All looks really good to me, especially this bit:


I sometimes use a really small dab on my third eye, and oddly, my old mad uses it on his temples at the side of his forehead as well, only a tiny amount like one drop smudged across your fingertips, then applied.

He’s known to like tea. :smiley:

I’d go with Jay-den like the J in the word JADE, because enns are new so not subject to slow shifts in what letters mean, or translation from French or latin, but that’s JMO, I always pronounce them as close to standard modern English as possible.

That’s all I have to say I think, I don’t work a LOT with King Paimon but you can watch evocations on the BALG YouTube channel and see how E.A. does them, this one for example keeps tools and trappings to an absolute mimumum, also features King Paimon:

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Well, me and king Paimon work together for many lifetimes and right now, I can summon him just by using simple thoughts and I don’t even put any efford to it. That’s because he was teaching me things in every lifetime.

At first, I also felt that he was calling me and I had him in my mind 24/7. I remember he was the first spirit that I summoned and I was a new magician then (if you can call me a magician). The only things I used were a circle that I visualised and his sigil. After three times I had no need for them though.

King Paimon (always call him king), is a spirit that wants outmost respect at all times, he demands it from the moment you summon him, even when he’s not there. Also, when you summon him, he will be there even if you don’t see or feel him. Always treat him with great respect. As for offerings, he really likes wine or something equal to the energy that wine has (preferably something that nobility would prefer). Also, always call him when you are properly dressed or at least, dressed.

He can teach you a lot of things and he can show you many paths in life too. His familiars are always excellent and he can also protect you really well since most entities don’t want to mess with a king of his caliber. I personally became his suject. Normally, people do this with a pact, but I did it for free because he is my favorite spirit and I respect him greatly. He’s also very friendly for beginners to magic or summoning, so you don’t have to worry about that. He’s also very close to king Lucifer and so, he can help you if you ever have any problem summoning him.

In order to teach you, you must take him seriously during the “serious times” and you shouldn’t slack off. Actually, I slack off a lot and he’s like “Get to work you idiot!” and he pats my head…embarassing but his sense of humour is amazing too.

Well, good luck and do your best!


Two more things- I also further back started a very similar post in preparation for my first approach to King Paimon here it is if interested King Paimon and his tests/attributes - #5 by RiseorDie

Also here’s my follow up- I don’t think the nausea was specific to him or intentional- just a side effect of such a deep spiritual undertaking as a another put it in the thread

Also as in unrelated note of never heard of a corrrect phonetic pronounciation- this is new to me- anyone care to elaborate?


Well, I don’t know if he tested me and how. I guess your loyalty for him will be tested. But I can’t tell for sure. I also guess that it differs from person to person.

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Right. That’s just one of those things I’ve heard- you “hear” a lot of things :scream:


The long and short of it was after my initial invocation I felt extremely nauseated all morning and I felt his un-mistakable prescense- there where no dragons or hell fire or floor opening up and Indiana Jones things happening- the Dragon part said because it is said he can appear as a Dragon. I personally prepared an altar far more then usual and made every effort to indulge his predilections- in this case purple scarves/fabric (the best I could find) and libations of purple burgundy-heard he loves purple. Prepared a chocolate banana split as it is said he loves sweets and in this case burned “kings” blend incsense from LA. I cleaned the shit out of the room before hand. I should anyways but detailed it this time. My request in question is up and coming,


Haha don’t worry about it. I suggest you just summon him. Don’t worry about tools or words to say. Call him and he will come.


Oh and I had a special altar cloth with his classic image on camel and sigil and even wore shirt bearing the image as well as sigil necklace- all to show my loyalty and dedication. Maybe overkill but he is a King.


I would guess, as I’ve never really anointed my temple, that you put oil around your temple while visualizing intent. I would say put it in the cardinal directions and four corners.

He likes chocolate and I’ve found cookies as well. Dates are a good option if available.

So long as your intent to call him is there, it will work. Don’t think too hard about this. Just pronounce it as feels correct and know he will come.

Your English is amazing, no need for pardon.

Hope I helped


Anointing the temple I believe refers in between the eyebrows, as well as the sides of the eyebrows. Frankincense will be fine, though cinnamon oil for Orobas could provide the experience he had with the oil causing vision problems.
As far as pronunciation, y or j should he fine.
The main thing is I believe, to enter a mild state of trance through repetition of the enn, and to open the sigil.
Your plan seems solid to me.
Address him as King, and treat him as one in terms of courtesy and an offering.


I’ve re read this post and am curious- I probably missed something- what vision problems “he had” are you referring to?


My Life With The Spirits, I believe was the title. So he summons Orobas, and is wearing cinnamon oil on his temples. Heat rises in the room just as Orobas arrives and DuQuette sweats, causing the cinnamon oil to get into his eyes. So he washes out his eyes and goes back in where Orobas was waiting and finishes the operation.


I havent worked with king paimon but my current work with aighash is leading down a similar rabbit hole. Posted a bit about what has bubbled up so far, it may be of use when asking king paimon about the subject.

Also welcome to the forum sounds like you have a potent ritual ready to go from what i read.

Regarding the enn i wouldn’t worry to much on the pronunciation. Most potent results i have had with them is to mediate on then for a moment and let them vibrate from me as they which.

Also here is a link to alot of good info you may find useful in the future

Hope your experiences with king paimon are insightful and aid in your journey. :grin:



Thank you all for your kind responses, i appreciate them. :grin:

Im curious. “tell all things past, present and to come” seems like a common ability among the spirits of the Goetia and i trust it can be something incredibly easy for them, but i’ve never read an anecdote about such. Has a spirit succesfully told you something regarding past or future? Time is different for them, i know that

This is fascinating, thanks for sharing.

I’ll write you a private message, Manosman, would you care to check it out, please?

It seems i’ll include chocolates and green tea to the evocation. I hope i can come back soon with a success story to share

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I’ll be waiting for your message then.
And I also wish you success!

Me honestly no but I’ve never asked. I to have noticed it is certainly a common thing among goetia.

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That and invisibility

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