Evocation Of Fastos [Incantations, The Demonic Tongue, And The Origin Of Demonic Script]

A quick westion guys, encantation for sex, to i have to active whit the gateway mantra,? Or can i just say the first part,? And it bring me a girl i want,? Of opportunity, ? Thsnks

A tip bro…
Do not use the demonic incantations here. I used some incantations from here and was brutally attacked. DO NOT use these incantations if you value your mental sanity and also physical sanity. I can see that you are a newbie in occult. That’s why I am telling you this.

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Tell me more about it, I’m interested!

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Thanks dude,

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I was attacked and was tortured for 3 days straight. There is a particular body part that was being attacked. I won’t say which one but no it wasn’t my dick lol

I asked someone like what’s up, why is this happening? I was in pain. He said that I was being attacked by these spirits and they were very stubborn and not leaving me. So he sent many powerful Gods to fight them off and leave me alone.

And the sad part is that I ended up disrespecting the very Gods who saved me. Yeah. Pretty sad.

But I will always be grateful them. They saved me from committing suicide. I was in unbearable pain.

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And I went through literal hell. I asked someone to speak to Azazel for me and he said that “I am not safe for long”. It scared me. In fact, that particular thing, made it worse. I thought that I was gonna be attacked very very soon but I haven’t been attacked again fortunately but like he said, I am still not 100% safe. He is pretty cool and his wisdom was great and very helpful.

In fact, the entities attacking me were so powerful that even the Demonic Kings couldn’t help me. The Gods had to come to save me lol.

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np man. I understand how it is. Incantations are the most dangerous thing.

Because as a newbie, when we get into occult, we want to do something as our “first step” which is more exciting than visualisations and meditations. So incantations are the first thing us newbies focus on. And you can potentially end up bringing powerful and most fucked up entities that you didn’t even know existed by speaking these incantations.

I asked (almost) exactly the same thing. Here is what @Micah answered:

i think most weren’t because they are more experienced and therefore they weren’t “mocked”.and I used the one for learning demonic language.

By some spirits. They weren’t demons. But not “nice”.

And this mocking was the torture you mentioned?

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I’m often confused on why people don’t believe their language of birth as magical? Words become images of the mind to those who know them. I was born learning American English (rather than British English) and basic math up to limited geometry. That’s my magical language and me trying to learn anything else (god I tried various computer languages and Spanish) results in failure. I see the same with Enochian, angelic, demonic, etc tongues.

Grats to those that can learn or want to utilize such but if the mind transcends the verbal and written and our thoughts and energy patterns of existing mean more then I really see script I don’t understand as just confusion and illogical means for me to attempt communication. If beings of thought, energy, and more can’t understand me or care to react because I speak and utilize American English then I guess that’s going to be it for working with said beings. I say these in my mind, aloud, or write and I feel NOTHING but just confused blather. I guess that’s just how I’m made. (and believe me the books I’ve bought in the past and recently have these sections of chants and such and I have the same mental pain throbbing in my head.

What is PGM

papyri graecae magicae

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Is it same as greek magical papyri

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Thank you man

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