Evocation of Belial

So I evoked Belial. It did not take him long to arrive once I formed his sigil in my mind only a couple repetitions of his Enn and he was there. He appeared as a blurry vaguely biker looking man but his features were indistinct like a quick low resolution picture captured in motion and in the darkness I could see glimpses of a much larger being.
He wasn’t overly happy being called for just a chat and the evocation workshop not with me at least. He said not to call on him unless I had something within his fields to offer him, anarchy, chaos, rebellion, and other such things that he is often attributed too. He said I knew him better than most for we are really not all that different and I had only to look inside to find that which is like him.


Good job!


Yes, don’t call them to chat. If you happen to create a relationship with the beings where you are more familiar that’s one thing. But never just call up a demon, especially of his rank.

Did you attempt to give him a libation? Depending on the being, even a cola is better than nothing. It’s about custom, and you trying to be respectful is going to make you look better.

I hope you only called at night. When spirits are described as day or night demons… it’s their preference. Imagine being called on your day off or off time for work.

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This was for the goetia workshop. Belial isn’t mad. They know we are calling on them.

We talked about this more over on kik.

It has to do more with Belial s mood of late rather than actually being annoyed.


So far i am finding this is more a metaphor to do with the parts of the mind they effect.

Unless they point out to only evoke them in a certain time frame i havent had any issues.

This is trying to apply human 3 dimensional understanding of time to somethin in a higher plane less bound or not bound by time the same way we are.

So my evocation last night was a bit nuts for the short time frame of the it took. Set up too a bit longer. So when i worked with belial the first night he told me to evoke him at the capital, my brain at the time goin “whaaaaaa???how???” O.o

I was givin a simple symbols to essentially mark the grounds for the evocation and was told that and his sigil would be all i needed. After looking deeper into this spirits behavior i concluded this was his test for me since my methods throughout the workshop have been slightly different due to being led to them by lucifer and the others.

When i left my place to get started the night weather was clear and a bit cool. By the time i had gotten downtown begone marking the ritual area it had started to drizzle.

Once i marked the last vertex of this giant hexagram i want and found a spot to get started picked a open sidewalk in front of a fountain with a clear view of capital. Moment i started to trance out with belials enn this storm kicked into high gear goin from a light drizzle to a down pour.

I opened the hexagrams i had laid around the area and as i did the capital building seemed to shiver like it was a mirage. I ended up doing a on the spot conjuration of belial and when i finished his face was superimposed over the capital dome.

At this point it is pouring rain and the face of Belial is looking staring down at me with this giant fanged grin superimposed over the building. Which on a building is more a little disturbing… :joy::joy: I asked him to empower me and walk with me for the works to come and he said it was already done.

I then asked that he raise up me and those working with me so that all can become sovereign in their own right. At this he flashed the same fanged grin at me and told me to bask in the power around me. I sat and meditated in this storm of energy and water till my legs started goin numb and started for the car.

All and all a great night :joy::joy: and now the capital will be a bit more lively i think lmao!


You always do great work!

After effects of working with the div of the evil eye/third eye lol he focuses on spirtual development. So when i first evoked him things got busy…fast lmao

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Apparently he has sometimes a frightening appearance. He can appear however he wants but I have read he has a look that just might scare you if you are not prepared.

Definitely a spirit you work with after you are used to dealing with other ones.

so you just had the image of his sigil in your head or what he looks like then chanted for how long?