Evocation/Invocation of Cannabis

Has anyone had any contact with the spirit of cannabis? And I dont mean a contact high. Bruh!
I mean this in all seriousness though. If everything has a form of consciousness then by all means you should be able to evoke it.
Im curious as to whether or not anyone here has done so. How you did it and what the experience was like.
I have had what felt much more like possession than invocation on a mega dose of psychotropic mushrooms.
Hit me up!

Cade S.

Yes. I contacted the Deva to find out why I can’t get the same effects others speak of. He said he didn’t want to work with me outside of ceremonial uses.

You’re right, all plant species has their own Deva that you can communicate with, usually to aid in working with them, e.g. in co-creating a garden, or gaining the energetic benefits from the plant. A pioneer in this area is Machale Small Wright with her Perelandra project, the Findhorne garden and so on.

I use shamanic journeying and straight up clairentience to contact these, not ceremonial magikal techniques. Ms Wrights books detail other ways.

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  • element : earth
  • color : green (personal revelation : purple)
  • tip: ReCognize that a bunch of complicated processes went into forming soil and light sources to grow your weed. Just send some thanks for whatever brought forth your weed, mentally smile at for 3 seconds.
    • angelic: sandalphon
    • earthen: gaia, belial
  • tip2: Bullshit aside, some gratitude is of benefit.
    • “In the name of Lucifer Prince of the Air, and Shaitan Lord of the Earth, and Gaia our Mother: thank you for light, earth, and trees.”