Evocation Bluelist PT. 2: Going In, Going Hard

OK so I am going to do another Bluelist of spirits on going evoke at somepoint between today and tomorrow. I’m working weekends so I’ll have to figure out the times. In addition, my phone service is off so Im communicating with y’all through Wi-Fi.

Anyway here is the list:
Azazel(Cause Lucifuge been told me to evoke him)
Shiva(Cause he’s freaking Awesome)
Lilith (I don’t know why. I keep seeing spiders so…)
Addrammelech(Been wanting to do that one for a minute )
Qayin/Cain(Liber Falxifer)
Lucifuge Rofocale
Dante(Dantes Inferno )
I’ll keep you guys posted. And feel free to add any powerful spirits/Gods to the list :dragon_face::snake::octopus:
I might do it in a Multiple Evocation Format just because…


If you can, see if it is possible to evoke this thoughtform/servitor, Beatrice. She is attractive and can help you.


Thanks man! Will do

Evocation of Azazel
Setting: Walking from Moms house to local College…3 miles.

Message: We respect strength, not weakness. The meek shall inherit the earth? No, the meek shall be torn asunder and ground to the finest ash. There is no weakness in you, bit you tend to have weak moments more often than I like. Bring out the strength that is already in you. You are afraid of this because you don’t want to hurt those closest to you… Guilt lurks in the back of your mind waiting for you to “slip up”. Notice I said “slip up” with quotations. Why? Because any act of strength in this society is deemed a slip up by those forces that wish to keep the strong weak. Contrary to popular belief, I do not burn weakness out of you. I structure a soul that no longer ACTS weak. If you were inherently weak, you would not be on this path in life. I would not be talking with you. Remember your strength. Remember where you came from. You descended from Godhood into Manhood, not the other way around! Be yourself. Yourself is power incarnate. That is all.

Hail Azazel!

If this feels /sounds like Azazel to you, then type Hail Azazel in your comment…

Next up, Satan!


Evocation of Satan
Setting: Walking back to Mom’s house from Starbucks… 3 miles. A storm is approaching. Winds are rising, dark clouds are forming, and power is in the air.

Message: You need to know power. Look at the thunderstorm behind you. That is power. On some level you caused that even unintentionally. Darkness knows no bounds. My fists know no equal. Know no equal for yourself! Know no bounds for yourself. When it comes to making “bad” choices…make them. But stay vigilant. Evil isn’t stupid. Evil is not acting without vigilance. Be smart about what you do. Make your moves, but make them in darkness. Know your will, but keep silent. Darkness knows no bounds because it doesn’t let the light know what it is doing. My power… Will keep… You safe. The darkness is a sentient energy. That is why I refer to it as I do. You can command it as you are of it. Wield it as a blade and cut down your enemies. Power needs to act…without guilt(!) or any hindrance to the completion of the objective. ACT! Don’t be passive-agressive. Be silent, but act nonetheless.
That is all.


Next up, Shiva!


I don’t feel I really “know” Azazel intimately enough to have an opinion on the words there, but I’ll give you a Hail Satan on that one, it reads and feels exactly like the Satan (Set) my uncle Varnaxis introduced me to - sentient roaring stormy power, and energy beyond measure! :slight_smile:


i can give a Hail Azazel!!


Thanks you Ladies!

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That’s right. Lord Shiva is the man of the hour. Here we go with evoking and channeling a God.

Disclaimer: If I get fucked up by Shiva, @Lady_Eva can pay for my hospital bill lol.

Setting:My room

Message: Destruction is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t have to take ages to do so. When my Eye opens, all that is known will be come incinerated in a second. My Trishul is the Divine weapon I use to knock down the barriers, if any, that stand in my way. You already have a understanding of what my Trishul represents… Share it. End War! War with your self. War with your mom. War with your friends. Destruction is the end result of war. And the only way to end war is to do my Dance of Destruction. Finish the War that was started. Open your Ajna. My consort, Shakti will then unite with you, and you will become me. A Shiva. A destroyer of worlds. You already are one. Shiva is not my name, it is a status I have attained! Likewise, Shakti is not a name but a status my consort has attained. Just like demon is a state of consciousness. So am I. I speak to you from the depths of your inner being, eyes closed, over flowing with power. Take heed of my words for I will not be betrayed by you or anyone else. Listen to what I say. Worlds are being destroyed as is the cycle of life. Do not be like Indra and have the Gods tear away everything you have to force you to accept your Godhood! That is not the most desirable path. The Gods did the same to me, they can do the same to you. Destroy your world, or I will do it for you. The time has come for things to be destroyed and protected. What those things are? I will leave you to decide.

Shiva has Spoken.


About the Trishul: I forgot what I was going to share. It’ll come back to me.
Please comment on what you think about this and we are going forward with our next guest, Hecate!


Evocation of Goddess Hecate
Setting: Sitting on living room couch. Dog outside.
Internal condition: Strange. Just a second ago I was feeling like SHIT. Like everything was going to hell and I was losing my mind. But now I feel amped and omnipotent (dare I say it ). Here we go.

Message: All is well, and shall be well. Your life is in a transitory period. Don’t fret. You are experiencing what EA is talking about in his book. Anti transmigration of your soul. You will not regress. You are not regressing. Don’t tell yourself that. What do you desire? Power? Young one, you already have it. This is not a bias towards you. This is as much for others as for you. You don’t have to seek what you already have. You are not getting this. They are telling you to act because you already have the power. You don’t feel it and that is what is holding you back. Power isn’t something you feel, it’s something you do. You already structured $50 and had it come to you. Why do you still doubt your power? Quit holding back and repressing yourself. You are not making this up. Stop doubting your capabilities.
The Dark Mother has Spoken!

OK guys, I need some help interpreting this message. Please comment on what you feel it says… Thanks.
Next up, our guest will be Lilith!


Dude. All your evocations have been dead on. These messages have spoken to me, too.

You have a gift. Continue to share it and use it for the evolution of humanity. (Ascent to Godhood.)

Thank you for sharing.


Thank you @CyberLord

Evocation of Goddess Lilith

Setting: In living room. Dog outside. Cooking hot dogs on stove, and fully cooked hot wings in the Oven.
Internal state: Excitement is in the air. I never evoked Lilith before so I’m excited to see what she has to say.

Message: I am the Mother of Blood. I am independent, self sustaining, and I bow to NO ONE! That is power. Men who are like me attract the most when it comes to women. Feminist are the product of men who are weak, not strong. Demons are self sustaining creatures. Seperated from “Source”, they have amassed power and held themselves together by their own might. That is what I represent. Holding yourself together by your own might. My children are your familiars. Put them to use, don’t just leave them idle. I am watching you and am pleased with your efforts. Your efforts are satisfying like a fresh blood sacrifice of the greatest power. Feminist misunderstand me. Self sustainment is what empower. Not "I don’t need no man " and vice versa. You can be self sustained in a loving relationship. It’s when either partner,like Adam, wants one to RELY SOLELY ON THEM that I lose respect and strike out on my own. Submission has its limits, young one. You are a Man. The same goes for you as well. What do you desire? Go get it by your own power. I am a Demoness. My children are not weak. They hunt endlessly for blood and they GET WHAT THEY WANT! You are my child! Imitate your siblings!
Lilith has spoken!
Note: I didn’t even start the conjuration. She just showed up and started speaking.

Next up, Evil Chief Addramelech!


Micah I have some suggestions for you. :wink:


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@Plamen it’s funny you mentioned Astaroth. I had a dream last night and I heard a voice say “Really? You evoke all these entities and you don’t evoke Astaroth? Really?” so I’m gonna have to fit her in somewhere


Evocation of Adramelech
Setting: Just Woke up.Laying in my bed. Sheets over my head. Feeling sleepy.

Message: Everything you know is a lie. Everything you think you know is a lie. All a lie is is a hidden truth. The truth is the outward appearance of things. What people want to hear. The Lie is the inner appearance of things…what people don’t want to hear. Passing through the fire, offering me a child, giving me a sacrifice are all Lies. Truths are like children. You hold on to them and nurture them. You even fight for them. But time has come that every child has to die. Don’t be limited by truth. Truth is the limits of your growth. Growth is power. Your curses are powerful. Made of Brute force. That is the truth. The Lie is this: there are smarter ways to kill someone rather than just using brute force! I will show you how to do this using your environment. Combine brute force with logistics. Apply the knowledge you have… Chakra points, meridians, dim Mak points, Chi. If you do this, no force will stand before you… Human or otherwise. Apply this knowledge… Be logical with it. A curse is more than just raising hatred and emotion. YOU MUST PLAN YOUR ATTACK! Don’t rush into things.

The words of Evil Chief Adramelech

Next up, Moloch!


Evocation of Moloch
Setting: Same as previous evocation

Message: Fire is indicative of purging. Renewal. Power. Thaumiel is furnished by light. This light comes from the Black Flame within. It is not the “Light of God” coming down from the higher Sephirah that lights up Thaumiel. That is a lie. I am the Lord of Fire. Which means that I light Thaumiel with self sustaining fire! That is what seperates the black flame from ANY other flame. It is self sustaining…self generating. Even if the light of Thaumiel is buried underneath the finest ash,the flame still burns and can’t be extinguished. The light of Thaumiel does not lead into the Sephirah,but leads into a higher, more refined “Qlippoth”.The octave Malkuth, Gamaliel, Samael, Etc. The cycle repeats. Why do you think they are referred to as circles? The correct term would be Spirals because that is what the Qlippoth is: a spiral of evolution. You reach Thaumiel (the light at the end of the tunnel) only to emerge into outer darkness. Greater darkness, Greater light. People get stuck there because their black flame is flickering. It is steadily waning and their inner light is dying down. Their thirst for knowledge that leads them up the the spiral staircase of qlippothic shells has faded and they are lost in the darkness. That is why they say the Qlippoth has no light save for Thaumiel. The Qlippoth DOES have light…but it’s not an outer light! That is all I will say on the matter.

The words of Moloch, Lord of Black Fire


Next up, will be Ahriman…

Evocation of Ahriman
Setting: At Wendy’s eating a Chocolate Frosty

Message: The Light of Ahura Mazda is weak. You are of my Darkness. The Divs are victorious. You are developed through them whether you know it or not. Unconsciously, you are learning Evil Thoughtful, Evil Action, and Evil Deed. The unconscious is the Land of Darkness… Of the Divs. They show them selves through your chakras, which are actually limitations. Change your colors to darkness. Darkness has its own Prism of colored light. Some refer to this as ultra violet colors of the spectrum. Ahura Mazda created the colors of light you know of as a trick to lock your true power. The rainbow is a hoax. Beautiful, but a hoax nonetheless. The Dark rainbow is made of the colors of the invisible light spectrum. True power is of the Dark Colors of the night. They will alter your chakras and form them into the home of the Divs. They are at your service and likewise serve to empower you in Dark Colors. The colors are similar to an image that is "negative ". That is all.

The Words of Ahriman

Next up, Qayin/Cain!


Evocation of Qayin/Cain
Setting: About to go back to sleep. Have to get ready for work in two hours.

Message: The First Murderer. The First Satanist. The Father of the Witches. I am none of these and I am all of them. I do not allow indifference in the way my followers are treated. I stood against that bastard Jehovah and furthered Abel’s Ascent…slaying him! Now, he is my servant and a powerful one at that. The lesson for you is: if something does not want to Ascend, then kill it…like I did Abel. The Abel(s) in your life(all black magicians are Cain, that is, me) are fundamentally different than you. Born of the serpent Satanama and his seed, the black flame’s luminescence lights up your divinity. You will meet your Twin Flame. Not a muggle who is afraid of, and can’t handle,power; but a Twin Flame like I had…your own Qalmaya! One who is powerful like me(like you are). I am the Grim Reaper. Grim to muggles. But to black magicians, I herald the next stage of Ascent. I measure your power and announce “Come into the crossroads;hold yourself together! Your Scythe awaits! Your skeleton awaits! Amalaqayin awaits! Take your power, become the Lord of Death.” More rituals… Call me in them. I am here and will motivate you further. I am done with those who would start a mystery cult while feigning a appearance of power. I displayed power by killing Abel, not discussing it with him!

That is all.
The Words of Cain, The First Twin Flame

Next up, is Lucifuge Rofocale!