Everything breaks down at home

Good morning community, I hope you’re having a great week. I 'd like to ask you: what could be the cause of all the things breaking down in a house? In a month and a half, a microwave, 2 TVs, multiple light bulbs, 2 fans and a 2 vacuum cleaners broke down. What the hell!? Our health, finances and emotions are also quite low since my dad had a stroke last year, he’s recovering at home since then. And the landlord and his family became a nightmare (shittiest people ever, really).

It’s worth saying that the domestic electrical wiring is in good condition, and that I have not carried out any type of magical or psychic activity in a long time (although I’m constantly reading about these topics).

Thank you very much in advance for any information, advice or suggestion!

Multiple possible causes, from having the house build over a ley line, an underground spring which can create energy vortexes, to poltergeist activity to a sensitive but unstable psychic in the house to plan bad luck, to being cursed.

Best t o do a divination to see what if any of these or something else is the issue.

I’d lean towards human psychic upset given the situation. Banish and cleanse and see if that helps, and bear in mind negative energy in the house can attract parasites to feed on it making it worse.


Keeping it on the mundane, philips has made itself guilty of planned obsolence and I’ve heard of multiple people having their appliances break JUST after the 2 year warranty.
Manufacturers are also cheaping out more way often and maybe you bought cheap appliances? Invest in those luxury sockets

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Thanks a lot for your advice, @Mulberry! I will take a look to the whole divination thing during the weekend and will cleanse tomorrow morning. Thank you so much!

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Using sage sticks or burning sage if you don’t have the sticks is also very good at clearing negative energies. Lot of stuff online about sage cleansing rituals.

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Thank you so so much, I will totally add sage to my cleansing rituals!! :heart:

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You’re welcome! Come back and update us how it goes and if you see/feel a difference in your home, after you’ve done the cleansing.

I have a friend that this has been happening to for like the past 7 years. Everything she buys breaks down in record time and she buys quality stuff. We are talking tvs, refrigerators, stoves, laptops, microwaves, dishwashers etc. She’s also not in the best of health and aging rapidly. The other day she bought a pretty expensive soundbar and the thing kept glitching I mentioned to her diplomatically that I thought she either had an electricity issue or maybe there is a field within the house causing the issues. She asked me if I am talking about ghosts, I immediately just changed gears and said no. Some people can’t manage certain conversations. It’s crazy that people really can be faced with certain blatant oddities and just cannot come to a logical conclusion that they need to use spiritual means to overcome challenges.

I also knew someone that that had a period of bad luck and during that time so many things broke down in their home. As soon as their good luck returned maybe say 2 years later no more breakdowns. This topic is one I have been observing for some time now. Another close friend of mine has been going through some serious health challenges and bad luck i.e. loss of job, robbery of business place etc. issues I think sent by other witches that she had a spat with. Her things have also been breaking down she called me last week telling me she really thinks the correlation between bad luck/negative energy and appliances breaking down has validity because her refrigerator, stove, chest freezer and cellphone are all malfunctioning.

@pauloncha I would say do uncrossing floor baths, open all windows and doors as much as you can, use incense to clear negative energy and invite good luck, practice good general sanitation and hygiene. Some people are living in homes that are frankly unclean and that can also lead to problems. Also for good measure have an electrician or technician check the items.


Hello @, first of all thank you very much for your response. I’m very sorry for my friend’s situation, but I’m glad things got better.

In my case, all the electrical wiring in my home was done by my uncle, who is a certified electrician with more than 40 years of experience, I completely trust him, he even installed a central voltage stabilizer to protect the appliances in an unforeseen event. The household appliances are all good brands, I have few things but of good quality, and it’s my uncle who advises me which brands to buy, not only because of the durability and solidity of the product, but because if necessary, replacements can be obtained to repair them.

He came to check the installations and read the stabilizer log, but we had not had any incidents at home. Which is weird. I will certainly apply your advice, thank you again for your kind response!! :pray:t5: