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I am sort of going through tough times and I want you guys’s opinion . This is my 4th year of H.S and I am so far from graduating that I will have to stay until I am about 21- 22 to graduate . I am working with some demons to get my apps and website popular and making enough revenue so I don’t have to worry about that at all . But should I just work on my site and apps OR should I get a GED and get a job after ?


Can’t you work on your site/apps AND get your GED? :slight_smile:


Well yeah

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Yeah, work on both your site/apps and your GED.


But I look at the richest people in the world and they all dropped out of college or H.S

Speaking from experience, if you are that far behind, get your GED.


You keep asking for people to tell you the easiest way to be successful and I have told you over and over again there is none without putting in the work. I’m pretty sure it would not take very long for you to graduate if you actually bothered to do the work required.

You seem hell bent on betting everything on these apps of yours but there is absolutely no guarantee that they will be successful, even with magick. The app market is extremely competitive and even a highly successful app has a limited run before it is replaced with something better. Everything you have posted on this forum says you don’t want to put forth any real effort to even develop your magical skills. You want it all handed to you without having to do anything.

Only a few rich people dropped out of school. Most went through private schools and top universities, supported by mommy and daddy. Those that did drop out were visionaries ahead of their time, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who developed technologies that changed the world, not apps. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that ain’t you.

Get your GED or finish high school, and you can work on your apps while you’re doing so, but if you choose an either/or option, you will be screwing yourself over by limiting your options for the future.


I definitely think a GED would be a good thing to have in your back pocket, a job, and maybe, if you’re ready or feeling up to it, even a 2 year degree from a community college. I know it’s hard but you’re not all out of options just yet :slight_smile:


I want to work in hedge funds or be a fortune 500 CEO .

Snap founders dropped out and Instagram existed . Mark Zuckerberg dropped out and Myspace existed . Mark Cuban dropped out and then went back . It’s not a few . And the numbers are even more when talking about millionaires .

You’re not the only one with the same problem, I also need my GED too lol. But yes focus on your GED because if you want to find other jobs certain soon it would be hard without a having diploma.


During Walpurgisnacht I spoke with pendralion and I asked for $500 before the end of the month from my app and to grow the users from that app . Since then I only got 2 new users and about 3 cents .

That is true.

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Bro lazy people do not become successful. I’m not calling you lazy, but there is no easy way. Get as much education as you can, even GED if that’s what you can do. AND pursue what you want to do with technology


I want to see you succeed but I have to say these may not be realistic ambitions.

You can’t even figure out basic simple things like scamming a credit card company. Being cruel to be kind here because you can waste years chasing stuff that won’t happen or you can invest that time and your youngest brightest most energetic years laying a good foundation.

I think you should learn a trade, plumbing or some kind of mechanical stuff, then branch out into selling e-books on it or something to bring in passive income once you’re a master of the craft.

You’re committed, but lack finesse, and don’t give up but then you pick the wrong things to not give up on.

JMO and truly no offence intended. :smiley:


Just because they dropped out doesn’t mean you should I’m pretty sure everybody had that same plan and 10% only probably made. And the 10% who did make it were doing something constructive 24/7 towards the goal not hoping on Demons to bail them out or do all the work. What have you actually done yourself ?

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What they told me to . They keep telling me to promote my apps or sites . I am doing that very hard but nothing is really happening

Again, visionaries. Something you are not.

How can you be a Fortune 500 CEO or manage a hedge fund when you have zero skills in money management or business management? If nepotism isn’t involved, most CEOs at least have some sort of experience.

You keep saying “nothing is happening” but your time frame expectations are ridiculous. You can’t promote your apps for a week or two or even a month and expect things to move rapidly. It doesn’t work that way even for established brands, and you’re a nobody. You have to promote for 6 months to a year before you will see any major results. A company usually doesn’t reap the benefits of a promotion until the quarter after the campaign.


Go to college and learn it .

I ask them and they tell me yes . I asked Azazel for 3 new users to give me a sign he wants to work with me . Only 3 within like 3 days . And I got none . He told me he will do it .

I have been promoting since the day I launched it in October .

There’s your answer then. Get your GED and go to college. You just answered your own question.


How can you go to college and learn it if you drop out of highschool or don’t get your GED dude :thinking: