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Get a GED and go to college and get a degree or transfer to a better college .

And that isn’t the main goal but it is a true answer .

Dude those apps should be a side hustle. And if your willing get your GED and go to college for computers since you like making apps


Then do it !! But if you perform how your doing in school right now don’t waste your money and others time be serious about it


Never thought of it like that .

I would rather go for finance or something like that . I just make them on the side

I will I’ll talk to my guidance counselor about it .

Okay there’s this phenom in core shamanism where a person does stupid shit like tries to kill people on their first journey and they get sealed into like a mini pocket universe, one way this is detectable is they see everything as spirits nod-and-smiling when they ask for help or do a thing, they never get told a “no” or “wait” and yet nothing ever happens.

For example they go to kill their mom because she makes them clean their room, bam, before they can begin operating with real power, they’re sealed in a mini-universe created by their own mental projections, it will interact like the real thing but they have NO power outside it.

If you ever watched Star Trek TNG it’s like the one where Moriarty makes the fake Enterprise inside the holodeck to trick Picard.

This seems distressingly like what’s going on with you, because you’re getting the answers and not the results.

Thing is it would take a lot of work to bust you out and you’d need to actually do what you were told to avoid going back in the slammer.

You’ve done something to piss off some forces, maybe your own Higher Self or ancestors (I’m using that model because it works, don’t anyone ask me to give an exposition on what an HS is or why this would happen, I am NOT in the mood)…

Can you, being completely honest, think of anything you did that could have caused some more powerful force to fuck you up like this?


Thats where good ol hard labor comes into play. He should buckle down try to get back on good terms with the spirits and maybe if lucky strike gold from those apps


I wonder if you pissed off your ancestors trying to be a Royal family member or something.

I can’t see their protection doing this to you because you’re really just giving them energy, but if your ancestors had some beef with the British that could be a huge problem.

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Well I play around with my friend and say Fuck Allah but that’s about it

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Nah it won’t be that unless your ancestors were devout Muslims. Even then still incredibly unlikely.

Lol how would that happen ? I highly doubt that .

It’s something, and it’s somehow so serious that everything in your life, ancestors and guardians etc., has let this happen, so it meant you were somehow in violation of the kind of ethos of magick which is ALSO a topic I cannot be fucking arsed to discuss beyond referencing that it seems to exist, and people can run afoul of it.


So what should I do ? How can I see if I pissed a spirit off or something ?

You can’t… the whole thing is designed to send you into introspection regarding your own desires.

Did you ever watch the movie Groundhog Day?

It could have been something done in a previous life rather than this current one, as it was for me.


:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: … What the fuck . So basically this path won’t work for me ?

No I didn’t see that movie

??? WHAT THE FUCK ??? So how will this work out for me ? There’s no way in hell I can fix this ?

You have to find out the cause, as Eva said, through introspection. Then, you can petition for guidance on how to make amends.

Dunno but I gave you a method to get a reply from REAL spirits and you didn’t get anything by that deadline, and I know that method works.

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What method ?