Every 11th- Join Us in Shattering the Shackles

I’ll cut right to the chase- as we all (may) know, magic is change and change is magic. Nothing changes without magic, because magic is what creates changes.

‘Shackles’ are what I and some other beings call the 7 layered seals placed over the earth’s core. These seals exist to perpetuate the current age, and are not actually natural constructs, but mechanisms of immense power designed to enforce and reinforce the mundanity of modernity’s minds. This ‘stabilization pattern’ is really a binding one in disguise, because in order to continue the current age, that which has the possibility to completely reshape the beliefs of humanity has been by bound by those afraid of abrupt and empowering changes within the collective mind. There is a type of logic in doing everything you can to keep things the way they are; the word ‘homeostasis’ tells us a lot about how easily the body is influenced, that another definition for bodily health is just ‘nothing’s going wrong with you, right now at least!’

I think most people here would agree that the belief structure of our contemporary iteration of humanity is due to shift, and this sense is in part due to the aforementioned seals keeping the path of the human collective on the same branch of paths (there’s a very deep sense we all seem to have when we’re not evolving, it’s like a feeling of seeing the stagnation of the species). The trend has slowly become more magical in appearance over time, but this use of magic as a cultural identity does not necessitate the desire or even knowledge that they are not witches simply because they look and act like them.

The difference is that the person who attaches to the identifiers used to describe witches and emulates them may only have a passive or ‘situational’ belief in magic, supposing that they believe in magic stronger than a passing interest. This is Point A. They doubt themselves or the magic because their belief isn’t maintained after the operation- they go back to being functional ‘normal normans’ that subscribe to a culture and/or subgroup. The issue with this is that we see what we believe much, much more often than believe what we see; a common example is imagining what Darwin would do if his god visited him physically, but one I prefer to use is that most people simply don’t believe in magic as constistently or strongly as they believe they can walk, see, eat, etc. This is point B, when magic is reality. Many cultures have been at Point B, but, most of modern humanity ranges between (not) approaching Point A, to within, to somewhat outside of Point A, with less numbers the closer to Point B.

It just so happens that on 11/11, a full moon, mercury will be making a transit directly across the face of the Sun in an event that may be visible from Earth, but not by the naked eye- Mercury is too small, so, it requires telescopic equipment to view even in front of the Sun. The transit occurs after sunset, too, according to UTC:

12:35:36 UTC- External contact of Sun and Mercury
12:37:17 UTC- Internal contact
15:19:44 UTC- MAX/ Center
16:13 UTC- Sunset
18:02:25 UTC- Departing infernal contact
18:04:06 UTC- Departing external contact

…so, on the night of a full moon, the Sun post-sunset will still have Mercury transiting across it. This is a celestial trine. Since Mercury cannot eclipse but instead transits across the face of the sun, it acts as both as a lense of solar magic as well as the greatest empowerment to mercurial energy due it to becoming ‘sun-cloaked’, which turbocharges magic. This is on top of a full moon, which is a perfect reflector of magic- and so the perfect opportunity has arisen to move the magnet down a notch, and cast the energy of humanity into anchoring to Point B instead of A. What does this accomplish? I’m glad you asked:

  • Exponentially magnifies all magic’s capabilities.
  • Makes it much easier for spirits to physically manifest and interact.
  • Trends results towards the spectacular and seemingly miraculous end of the spectrum rather than what could be written off as beneficial coincidence.

Why do this if you’re doing well, you ask?

Because the seals aren’t representative of physical ages, but consciousness cycles, of which this one has been prolonged out of what is, at its root, fear. On a cultural level, this means dissolving the bindings of fear of the unknown that make us cling to this stage, because fear of the unknown is equivalent to fear of evolution. Breaking the seals may not immediately change the world, but it will untether and shake loose the conceptual foundations which underlie many types of organization. A side effect of breaking the seals is the shockwaves within the collective mind, just like how pulling out a parasite makes the nearby nerves fire. The real effect of destroying the seals is that the forces bound by collective disbelief become freed, and with their action the subsequent resonance will bring humanity from Point A to Point B and towards virtually infinite probable Point Cs. By shattering the shackles, we release the possibilities kept from us by the barrier of Dream.

Sound good? Then, read on:


To the best of your abilities and skills, construct a ritual or create a spell to be done anywhere from the beginning to the end of the transit, though most powerfully during and after the max, where you include (the visualization of) drawing prismatic light and massive heat down from the Sun, focused and strengthened through Mercury into a beam of the greatest magical power ever accumulated, which then reflects off of the moon (turning it into a prismatic, many-singed butterfly shape) and covers the whole of the world, starting from the atmosphere and working towards within the core. It is VITAL that you feel the power anchor within the core and act as a beacon outwards, covering the planet thoroughly with the energy and obliterating the seals from the planet.


Orange, black, yellow, red, and/or white
The aforementioned beam visualization
Your concentration
Your best skills, in-current rituals, abilities, etc for the purpose of expressing the beam visualization

But wait, there’s more! I did say ‘us’ in the title, didn’t I? :slight_smile:


These entities have all signed a mutual pact to get this done. Whatever spirits you choose to include, these will be giving it their everything to accomplish this, so if you’re serious about joining us approach them for a collaborative effort.

-…and more who didn’t want to be disclosed!

This is going to be fun.

Are you in? :slight_smile:


I can try


Sounds like something I want to be a part of. Let’s do this.


I will throw some chaos energy into this mix. Lets get it done


Amon has been trying to get my attention lately. We went and found a proper site for a ritual a few weeks ago. I’ll use it for this. I called amon into the site and made a stone sigil as a vessel there so I imagine he’ll be helping.
I’ll perform it at the max. I think we should all try to do the same.


The strongest period to do it in is the max and afterwards, so, the more people that concentrate their efforts in this general timeframe, the better! :slight_smile:


I am quite tempted.


The more the merrier! It’s a team effort. :slight_smile:

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Were you planning on having this party without Astarte? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just invite yourself, that is what I plan on doing with my deities who would be REALLY into this.


I did say that there were more participants who didn’t want to be named, right? :slight_smile:

There’s nobody that isn’t invited as long they have the right intent! :slight_smile:


If Qayos accept my blatant rudeness in this matter. :smiley:


The names I listed were just the ones that told me to include themselves in the post. :slight_smile:


I just gotta give @chaos a hard time. :slight_smile:
I was planning on showing up anyways :sweat_smile:


By our powers combined! And that’s not my tag @Eye_of_Ra :slight_smile:


:metal: :black_heart:


Don’t think I’ll be able to. Best of luck fellows.


If people would not mind, I plan on making a magickal lens for focusing our combined efforts.
It will be a physical item of arcane potency with a strong sigil engraved into it, for those interested in using it, I will post it here…or in a separate thread for easier access.

It will be transparent in what it does, and apparent for those interested in patterns, and a gift from me to this effort.


I will be back on my home turf at that point in time. I will do what I can to lend myself and my works to this cause.


I am in