Etheric implants and tentacled parasites

Yes its to fuck with your perception. So you let them in more.

I feel this very annoying pressure in my third eye I want to rip this things head off

I’m a lazy person sometimes and from wat I have read it’s pretty disturbing… I hope my guardian demons take care of them everytime otherwise I gotta get my lazy ass up whenever I do a 30-40 minute evocation (Very rarely)… I even forgot what LBRP meant loll


@Trishul66 OMFG Thank you, just know that you have greatly helped me! thank you!

hello, what have you done to get rid of these entities?

When you yoursellf develop a high enough and strong enough vampiric energybody/Aura.Vampiric entitys in generaly will avoid you overtime.

Youll taking their energys instead .