Etheric implants and tentacled parasites

Don’t do anything to further open your aura , any drugs or alcohol

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Of the archon race , it impossible , they are multidimensional parasites , they’re only goal is keep humans and other beings in a state of disempowerment to keep feeding

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I’m very keen on this

Alpha draconians?

Idk what the terminology is , you’ll be fine

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Theres gotta be a way to just blast them out on your own.

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Yeah seriously , when I fight against mine and tell it to leave my whole body starts shaking especially where it’s attached

Still searching but solar energy can do it. Or creating your own servitors and Trojan-prograing them. Problem is they’ll make it hard for you to even raise, energy

Shit’s attached to your brain stem region can influence your MF heart rate. Cause intense panick to you etc. Mess with your sensations.


Zeal chakra

Sealing or creating shields on your zeal

No that’s wrong I believe , it’s an Etheric being so it can influence the Etheric body , the Nadis and meridians , it cannot increase heart rate , it can amplify fear though , make sure to view only decently positive stuff or else they’ll use it against you

Lol the nadis and meridians ARR intertwined with the physical body so is the energy body. They are interlinked with the central nervous system

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Trust me I have felt that stuff

Brain stem region back of your head is directly linked with the zeal chakra

Things that happen to the etheric body can affect the physical in a way heart rate increases and many other things. If not then it I’d lean more to astral/imagination or just poor senses.

I get what your saying , they jerk my head around when I banish them , they can drain from organs, but heartbeat rate sounds pretty op , what a fuckn thing to deal with right?

Yes and probably how entities make food taste better.or increase orgasm quality.