Essense of serial murderers


This is part of your problem, you excuse an inability or behavior by blaming something else onto yourself.

You need to call Belial. Asmoday can shove the energy at you but Belial will slap you and teach you how to control it and be your own master.


Also most of Freuds ideas have been disproven.


I try to invoke them quite alot. This post is actually after some magical chants for Asmodeous.


Im curious. How will this end up working out, in a context of where social constructs are seen necessary by others. Such as a work environment?
There is another post prior to this. “Daemon for being passionate”
The recommendation seems extreme if one’s income is at risk, but that’s just me.


I am aware.
What you’re using works but is not what you need evidently.

I’d say VK’s stuff could be very helpful to you but have you gone into his beginner stuff?
I ask because we can all assume we are past the beginner then find things that change everything and put the pieces together.

I did it, and it improved quite a lot for me.
Everyone goes through caging feelings for many reasons we, individually, need to over come the blocks we place on ourselves.


It improved my work.
Facing the blocks and understanding you put them there gives you the power to pull them down and having Belial around helps me build the proper foundation to keep emotions where I want them.
Everyone has moments but extreme feelings like OP expresses here from the hymns for Asmoday can be destructive if a person isn’t prepared for them.

You don’t want to be trying to kick down a vaulted, reinforced, steel door, you want to find the combination.


It is magik and there are so many opinions and its not precise science as well. So who knows? I’ve been recommended by @Maulbeere to try and work with Glas’Yos which i think might help first with all anxieties, depression, traumas and fears and do some healing.

I am still surprised i havnt put a bullet in my head yet, lol.


I agree on the right combination. Working with entities isn’t my forte.
But im feeling there should be a third for him to fulfill this desire.

A directive/design energy of sorts, what do you think?


I agree. To me it seems mental exercises and Chakra work might also help.
But he is right that Magick can be subjective so these might not work for him either.
I’d say try it out though.