Envoke Azazel

how can i envoke Azazl i want to understand some problemes how do contact him

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If you mean evoke, then please use the search function in the upper right. There is plenty of information available on here giving instructions for basic evocation.

It boils down to:

Getting into trance

Opening the spirit’s seal.

Calling the spirit to come forth.

Pulling it down into form.

Communicating with the spirit.


thank you

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Do you mean evocation or envocation.

Evocation is summoning a spirit into a visible form before you, and communicating with that spirit.

Envocation is reversed possession which magicians like Kurtis Joseph has discussed.
Basically envocation is summoning a entity and leaving the body and then entering the actual spirit, using its eyes to see, sharing its mind and using its power literally becoming the spirit through alchemical means.


i did not know that but now i do thank you ’ i want to evoke Azazel for help in issuies i have been having

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Well have you done Evocation before ?.

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If not give this a look.


i have alot of those in the room im in i have worked alot with voodoo and witchcraft in my past and now i have been reading studying demons and Azazel for a months now and i feel ready

not with demons but with spirits who help me

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well, what kind of spirits?

if it’s Loa, you should dismiss them,
before conjuring demons, since their energys contradict each other,
and basically having Loa around banishes demons quite quickly.



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ok :slight_smile:

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what about spirits from cemeteries i do work with spirits from local ones alot ??

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those should be fine.

don’t worry.

ok thank you i have many with me for help in a potion my bf wanted a potion … ( sorry i can over exsplain or go offtopic easliy … ADHD sucks

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open seal and pullling it down ? im kinda cofused on that part i want o make sure im correct

to open the seal i use salt of oil right

and to brind down i bring it down with hand motion

only times ive done those was in casting a sigil seal in witchcraft

i just dont want to mess up or ofened Azazel

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No. I don’t even know what that is. You open the seal by sinking into trance and gazing at it.

It is this technique:

Again, no. When you are evoking a spirit, it is your will and energy that draws down the spirit from its plane of existence into ours, and condenses it into form.

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sorry im used to witchcraft but thankk you i reallly need to re read it

All I had to do was meditate on his sigil, and when it started changing in color and moving, I told him I thought he had been reaching out to me recently and asked him if he would make contact, and he was there, FAST.


If you decide to Invoke him, I recommend the guided mediation by Secret of the Gods. That’s how I met him.