Envocation vs Invocation: Did I mess something up?

As I’ve understood it, Evocation just brings the spirit in your general vicinity. Invocation makes them a part of you. I’ve only done invocations a handfull of times as a Wiccan. My general rule is to evoke until I get to know the spirit and consider invoking later down the line. This may have something to do with the Christian upbringing and fear of possession.

I chose Lucifer as the first demon I would work with. I set up the alter and chanted the enns expecting to feel his presence in the room. But apparently he decided he didn’t give a damn and just hoped on in. My body felt like it got hit by lightning and my aura changed to the same color the sigil was radiating. When Lucifer asked what I wanted, it distinctly felt like the voice was internal instead of external like usual.

It ended up being a pleasant experience after I stopped freaking out, and he accomplished what I wanted him to do. My question is, do evocations jump to full on possessions often or is this a case of a newbie screwing things up.


It can happen if you’re not in control.

In this case, you were very much not in control.

You know the saying “don’t bring up what you can’t put down” to paraphrase? Well that’s a very boring way to live your life, so instead what you should do is research your relationship with the entity in question before any work is done and then choosing where to go from there.

That’s not something you can read about in a book, so use your own abilities to feel it out.


I thought I should post an update of the second attempt.

I had more or less the same set up as last time. I’m a bit more energetic and alert compared to last time, and I have a general pissed off and commanding attitude as I’m looking at the incense as if to say “Over there fucker”.

I’m chanting over the sigil for about 20 minutes when suddenly my hands start feeling like they’re on fire. So I’m just like, what’s all this about? I take the pendulum and ask it if the evocation worked. It answers yes. So now I’m wondering where the heck is he. (For some reason I’m expecting it to manifest physically in a really obvious way).

At this point I get the bright idea to close my eyes and do the third eye opening mantra. I only got as far as shutting my eyes and I see this 8 foot tall goat-headed motherfucker looking bent over staring at me a few inches away from my face. First reaction: “Oh sweet. It worked”, immediately followed by incoherent screaming.

I questioned him about the forced possession. He said he thought I’d find it funny. If I were in his position and someone summoned me for the first time, I’d fuck with them and see if they were brave enough to come back for seconds. I can appropriate someone else with my sick sense of humor.

The other thing we touched on was that we’re going to keep doing this until we get it down pact, because King paimon might not have as much patience. To which I respond “The stories I’ve heard about Paimon make him sound scary as fuck. I’d rather not do that”

Lucifer: “Too bad. That’s your next step. Fuck you and Peace out” (Paraphasing obviously"

Long story short. Success mixed with pants-shitting terror.

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For some reason this doesn’t sound like Lucifer. Or any other Demon I’ve encounter. They will never jump in your body with their own will if you don’t want to. As you have some experience with invocation, I’d say it’s all you doing what you naturally were doing all this time. So yea, in a way you did something wrong. The way to evoke is different from the way to invoke. Plus your fear won’t help much, try to work a bit on that. Also trying to be a bit more respectful doesn’t sound bad either.


Everything you said sounds incredibly likely. The second time around the feeling of drawing something around and outside of me was distinct. About the respect thing…

This might sound counter-intuitive, but I feel like they wanted to provoke me to blaspheme and generally get mad. I’ve been into a heavy RPH doctrine of detachment and disinterest in order to suppress anger. I think this whole experience is a way to say, nope it’s still there. But you might as well use it to fuel the ritual. (Not to diss RPH. I wasn’t really doing it correctly anyway)

Of course, I can direct all that energy without getting verbally abusive. That was just a one-off gimmick for newbs.