Entity trying to manifest a disease

I believe that there is an entity who is trying to manifest a curse on me. I think I know where it came from and I have tried everything i could think of at this point but the pain in my chest becomes more intense and I believe that its trying to manifest a disease. I have tried tarot but it never tells anything about that, it just says success all the time so i think they might have taken the time to render my deck useless.

I do the lbrp and lbrh daily and i have tried all the things that i could think of but the pain in my chest always remains, i feel like there is always something with me, i am getting more stressed and worn out as time goes on.

I have tried both cleansing and banishing but it didn’t work. Also my magick has become a lot weaker, i don’t know if i can even contact other spirits at this point.
Any ideas?

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Before anything else , try a doctor .

No it was an entity. I was cursed by 3-4 people i believe and they also sent some type of demons. They have been putting curses on me for 3 days nonstop

Some other things you can try –

  • Master Protection Ritual from Magickal Protection by Damon Brand
  • Cord cutting ritual with Hekate
  • Mirror box
  • Return to sender spell
  • Any of the many Goetic demons who can counter-curse
  • Actually do see a doctor though
  • Stop dwelling on it

How do you know this? Did they tell you that?
Or were you able to figure it out on your own?
If you were able to figure it out on your own, can you use that same power of mental clarity and discernment to think of a way you will reverse/halt the curse? The more you focus on it, the more power you give it.


They started casting curses on me again thanks.


I asked my questions in sincerity. How do you know who is cursing you or who sent the entity after you? Do you know who the entity is?

If you know exactly who is cursing you, it’s likely they told you themselves. No? In which case your active fear of their curse is, if anything, likely more effective than any curse they have thrown at you recently.

Or if you were able to figure out who it is on your own, then you have greater magical ability than you think, and should be able to determine how to nullify or reflect the curse.

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Sorry but I didn’t have time to answer. So anyway i know who it is because my intuition told me so and it makes senses. I am clairsentient so i feel anything that happens to me. When someone put curses on me i feel pain in my stomach and when an entity is trying to cause harm i feel pain in random parts of my body. If it is however going for a more specific part of it i feel that too. I usually know when someone is cursing me and i can also know if its one strong curse or multiple weak ones.

Like you said the curse were indeed really weak but they also striked fear on me which made the curses so powerful while draining me. My intuition also tells me that it was 3-4 people but really really weak. They used some demons to empower their curses otherwise even with a weak protection it would have barely reached me.

I am not sure how to take care of them. Yesterday it just came to me that vibrating the name ra as a word of power and following with a prayer to ra would work (this is the first time i contacted ra but he helped immediately) it was not so powerful since i had lost most of my energy but it did help making the curses a little weaker.

Btw i figured out something the lbrp and lbrh were useless against these curses. I do that daily, it was recommended to me that a peformed the star ruby and it worked. It weakened the curses a lot now they are barely even there and the influence from that malicious entity is also gone. Now i just need to do some cleansing to send away the small portions of malicious energy in me away. I don’t think it has ended though.

I also didn’t study a lot about protection so here i am paying for this mistake.

And just to add more info on them

They are a group on a discord server that practice demonolatry and cast curses on random people thats what i got from my intuition and they are weak so they use a lot of entities to empower their workings. Thats another thing my intuition told me and i was able to confirm that one because i ended up talking with someone who had heard of them and what they do.

I think it’s time to get that checked at the Doctors, tbh.

Or you’re not banishing it, and could use a different technique that works for you. Not all techniques work for all people at all times, so you could try smudging or a salt bath. Make sure you’re grounding and hydrating, and getting enough sunlight, try aspirin if you have high blood pressure as it’s a blood thinner.

This can happen when your energy is low, which can happen from being parasitised and because you’re sick, and since having your energy leak or be parasitised can make you sick, you end up in a vicious cycle.

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The star ruby got rid of the entity causing the pain and i do all of the other things that you mentioned and yeah i know i have sensed sick people’s energy in the past it wasn’t that bad though because it was still at the beginning

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If you’re still worried try this Removing Entities, Energies, Thought Forms and Energy Parasites Energetic/Frequency Meditation - YouTube , it’s a reiki audio and has been effective for me in multiple instances.

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