Entity that feels like climbing on Xtacy? [Friend has a link to one of my chakras]

I’m starting to feel bad I always have silly questions lol.
Last night I was working on my laptop as usual, and I started to feel … well, exactly like climbing on extasy. Or when you’re too much in love in the teenagehood and being about to see your lover, like you just can’t handle it, it’s so powerfull that it turns into a crushing kind of anxiety.
It was really weird, it was not bad or scary, just too strong, it took my breath off for an instant. Like an extasy pill.
I don’t know why but I immediately thought about that magician I just met on FB, we’re talking pretty often at night, and I know he’s interested in me and very well experimented. So I thought maybe he’s messing around with me just to have fun, which is fine to me because I’m not unpleased, and I never experienced that, so as long as it does me no harm, I’m fine with it. It would push me to learn to defend myself and actually test it, so I’m totally for it actually, would be instructive.
But he says he didn’t, and I agree to believe him because if that feeling had come from his doing, I think I’d had lust for him or something like that… but I didn’t, it was just crushing, it lasted 5min I would say. I really felt like I was spiritually “assaulted”, even tho it wasn’t bad, it felt somehow agressive because very strong and directly towards me.

What could it be if not my friend?
Can an entity do that ? I never evoked a spirit yet, I don’t know what’s the feeling of it. I don’t know anyone else who’s practicing. And it didn’t felt like novice shit, I would be surprised.


It’s not a silly question! :thumbsup:

No idea who or what it could be, but it sounds like something was influencing you.


Does it sound like an actual “assault” to you or could it be just a presence ? 'cause… there was kind of no point, no fear, no lust, no pain, no thoughts, … I was just impressed and perplex.

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Honestly, I don’t have enough to go on to try and make that call, maybe someone else will be more familiar with this?

I hate to keep kinda “referring” people to this thread but maybe telgega will be able to shed some light on this?

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oh my, I just contacted him for that 1hour ago haha. Hope he’ll have time :smiley: Thank you <3


I’m gonna go ahead and look into this for you, i’ve been in several situations just like this. I’m making this my first priority atm. I’ll pm you soon


Just curious what you mean by it feeling like “X.”? Is it anyting like Xtacy Pills? I don’t do drugs so dont know what thats like, although I’ve heard of them and their affects. Can you give more description of the experience of how exactly it feels like xtacy as in Fine Detail of the traits/characteristics of the feeling itself?

Also, during that time period what you were you doing at that exact hour and minute to have crossed that feeling? Magickal or Spiritual practices?

If you can still remember would you mind answering these questions either replying or just in your head, whatever you like. What were you doing prior to the ecstasy, what were you thinking, how were you sitting, where were you sitting, what website were you on. Try to pinpoint your train of thought before the ecstasy. Identify your senses before and during that moment. Did you meditate on that day prior to ecstasy and did you reinforced your “shields” that day?


Yes this is what I’m talking about, I felt exactly like on an Xtacy pill (extasy). I called it “extasy” because I thought “Xtacy” or “xtc” was the junkie therm, wasn’t sure everyone would understand ^^
I will speak for myself and not for others users, so maybe some people won’t totally agree with me.

It’s hard to describe because the effects are physical obviously, but this is very familiar with what you experience in spiritual worlds, like pure strong energy. You take the pill, everything is normal for 30min and then you feel your soul brutally awakening in your body. I always have a bit of adrenaline when I take a pill because it’s so strong that while it’s climbing I’m always like “I can’t handle more I can’t handle more”, and you HAVE to let it go, it forces you to accept to lose control, or you will be violently crushed in stress and oppression.
The feeling is exactly like I said above, when you’re too much in love and excited that the feeling starts to reverse and turn like a crushing anxiety. Xtacy will crush you until you let go. And then, when you take your deep breath and let it happen, it’s like a spiritual explosion, aaand… well, you’re tripping balls and I don’t have to get there for this message :stuck_out_tongue:

So the feeling I had was exactly this climbing extasy. Everything normal, and then a brutal “oh my, oh my, it’s happening”, cold sweat, heavy heart beating, adrenaline, the crushing. The differences were that with Xtacy, I handle it, I try to relax and let go, I open myself to receive the divine trip lol. Because I know I took a pill, I’m in the right conditions to get high, I wanted it, it’s just the common procedure.
But yesterday, I didn’t took any pill, I was concentrated on my work, and it happened just like this, without my freewill. So, it felt like an agression. A pleasant one because again, it’s not a bad feeling, it’s rather good actually, it’s just it’s too much. Too much good :p, the feeling is too uninhibited, it’s hard to bear. You know, when you’re happy or having a good time, the emotion is pretty light, you’re just happy, you just enjoy it. At the contrary, the sorrow, the emotional pain, can be very very loud, right ? you can’t stop it, it’s hard to breathe, there are some griefs that makes you think you could die from your sorrow.
Well, xtacy combines your light happiness with the violence of your worst emotional pains. It makes you think you could die from that happiness ^^. That’s why I say it’s a violent drug. Amazing, but you have to bear it.
And also because I almost died of it the first time I tried haha. I liked it too much, there was no bad side, I took another and another, aaaaand I had an overdose lol. Near death experience and everything, kicked out from my body and couldn’t get back in, got lost and stuck in the edges of the low astral world for a few hours. No regrets it was quite instructive haha.
So yesterday I didn’t let it happen, I was disconcerted for an instant, then I tried to analyze it, tried to feel if it was “local” like if someone/something was here, I tried to see and sense something, but when it became too overwhelming, I “defended” myself, I gathered my strenghts and blocked it.

My activity had nothing to do with spirituality or magick. I’m a free-lancer illustrator, I was just editing my last drawings on my laptop, my mind was fully committed to Photoshop. It’s very material you just try to clean imperfections and make it look good for the web, it’s not even creativity at this point.

But I know what it is now, I’ll explain in a moment in an other message, I’ll still need some enlightings about it :smiley:

So Telgega came take a look, and said :
“I see a man, dark thick hair, glasses. slight beard and mustache. dark brown eyes. anyone you know. he has a link to your adrenal glands”

It’s exactly the physical description of that magician friend I suspected, like, without a single doubt. I share it with you so you can contemplate that badass skill and precision :p.

So let’s question that “he has a link to your adrenal glands”.

What does it mean ? What are the adrenal glands in magick ? How does it happen ? Is it something intentional ? How does it work ? Can I reach him too through this link ? This xtacy feeling, was it provoked intentionnally, was he pushing some buttons on purpose, or is it a bit more random ?
I’m very excited and amused :smiley: I hope there’s a game to play with this ! cause when I asked him if he did something, he denied it (or maybe it wasn’t intentional, but experiences as he is I don’t count too much on that, I don’t think he’s at a point where he’s not aware of what he’s doing). So he thinks I don’t know. HE THINKS I DONT KNOW. There’s always a funny game to play with that, I love it and I’m good at it :D.

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Here is some basic info found on a quick search , Understanding The Role Of Chakras And Glands In The Human Body

Could be intentional or not as we interact with people energetic links are formed as a result, depending on the intent and emotions involved it can be a deep link.

If it is an active link it should be a 2way street basically unless he built the link with filters that make it one way. if it is a passive link that came about on it

The how, if my brain is working (still shifting out of work mode) could be as simple as channeling or launching an energy burst into the sacral chakras . Either through direct energy work or ritual work this would be the (button) your looking for. As the sacral chakra is related to sexual energies.

That is all my brain has at the moment.

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Ah I didn’t know it was something related to sexual energies, I thought it was the root chakra, which I think is in a poor state with me at the moment. For what it’s worth I also took the quick little test from the link and it says my main weakness is my solar plexus chakra. That’s exactly the part of my body where I felt the “crush”, even now and randomly in the day, it’s not an intense thing but I feel it weird from time to time.
But am I not supposed to lust for him then, at least during the yesterday “”“assault”"" ?

Hm, I have to hold my horses with that, because he’s not a novice at all, and I am. I know he’s very well guarded, and one particular entity seems very powerful and protective, in an aggressive way. Even if my intentions are not to harm him, like I just want to play, I’m not sure she would let me approach and that I could get out from it unharmed. I know she reacted very agressively for far less than energy work.
Aaaaaaaah I don’t know how much an error could cost me, I have to think !!!
I’m certain this can serve me to learn one way or another, make me work on my vulnerability or defenses or whatever, I’m sure I can use this situation.


this is a possiblity to consider

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Fascinating indeed ! thank you !

Ok I understand. Pardon me, but “drugs” I am not familiar with, although I will admit I’ve tried marijuana once a long time ago. You’d probably think I was “vanilla” when it comes to that scene. So we know its a guy, and he affected a certain area of the body/chakra, and that there is an entity. What type of entity was this that you are talking about? The Solarplexus chakra rules The Kings/Queens as far as Satanic Heirarchy goes. Basically adrenals has to do with increasing your “Drive” in response to certain emotions. You have to be careful because you can also burn out from feeling too much of a good thing in relation to that. I am always controlling my energy no matter what because too much energy can influence a number of physical symptoms in the body. Magick comes at a price and even most experienced magicians do not seem to take that into account (strangely enough).

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Are you positive it wasn’t self-induced? At times the subconscious mind can unleash certain forces that may seem external, yet they came from the depths of our mind, which we may not have been consciously aware of.

Certain shamanic states can be mimicked without the use of drugs by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, and bringing them to our conscious reality via a synthesis of timing with the powers of the Solar System.

For instance, are you particularly fascinated or moved by the moon these days? Lunar or Venusian energies have been known to have this effect when one is in a state of infatuation with another person. It could be that you are subconsciously attracted to this person, and have a prehention of calling the above astrological forces into play via a synthesis of mental sanction with preexisting natural forces.

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You do what you want I’ll never blame anyone to be a “vanilla” or boast because I fuck myself up more than you, never apologize for that !

No I don’t think there’s an entity, I brought this idea because I felt assaulted, and as my friend denied he was for something, I bought this idea of an entity, because there was something happening. Telgega has been pretty clear, my friend has a link with my chakra. Now a few days have passed, I didn’t feel anymore this “assault” I felt when I created this post, but all day long I feel energy flows in and out, my plexus is totally on fire. It still doesn’t harm me, and I don’t feel emptied, I think he gives more than he takes, but the whole activity is a bit exhausting, sometimes it’s too strong and it almost look like stress. The way I saw it through meditation is it’s just a rope between us, and we’re connected by it. Actually I’m starting to doubt he is conscious of it.

Yes exactly, I’m not burning out yet but I can see how it’s possible. It feels good, but it’s too much, and in some time it could appear as a kind of stress.

Yes yes yes, absolutely. I thought about that the first seconds, but it turned out it wasn’t, I’m positively sure.
I mean, of course when you believe something you’re sure about it, everybody can be wrong, but I’m just saying it’s not my thing to be unaware of myself, it’s been a decade now that I’m always trying to take a deep breath and look into myself, be transparent, be able to step back and see what’s real and what can be from me even when it feels real. I know my abysses. I could be wrong of course, but it’s not my thing usually to be unable to discern these things.

That’s very interesting ! eeeerf, I can’t say… I don’t htink so, the last weeks of september I was really upset with the moon, but since we entered october … ? I don’t feel anything special, I wouldn’t say that.
Again, it’s not my thing to be “subconsciously attracted to someone”. I’m not unpleased and I would probably bang him if he wasn’t that far away just to be sure I’m not missing something xD, but that’s basically it. It’s not enough to beg the astrological forces to bring me my lover, I’m really free about these things, even when I was in monogamous relationships. Now I’m engaged in a libertine one, I’m openly free to be attracted / loved / banged by anyone I want, I have no reason to hide these kind of things from myself, even before being in a libertine relationship I’ve always been pretty frank about it. I don’t deny the astrological explanation tho, why not ?
But I fermly recuse the subconscious part :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s very interesting to know these kind of things can happen like that, I had no idea.

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BUT anyway, I did some magick and lot of meditation this week end, and well I ignored my own advice and … I played with that link :stuck_out_tongue: Y O L O !

So I astral traveled to his place. I saw him, I was right behind his back. I was really surprised to be able to reach him and be so close like that, because of what I know of his protections. It was really… foggy ? I’m used to a clearer vision when I astral travel, but hey, it did work. I tried something I never done, i don’t know if it worked, if he felt it, I’m not sure because I didn’t see the effect. I made a big strong ball of energy, and sent it right to his chest from behind. Like a Kamehameha :joy:.
But I got kicked back in my body as soon as I sent it. So I don’t know what happened.

I didn’t give up. I meditated, rested for a few hours, did something else, and got back to astral travel the day after. Well, this time I just messed with him. I never did something like that, visited an actual person in his place and tried to interact with his physical him. So I stayed in his back, I touched him, blew in his ears, just having pointless fun, experimenting :smiley: I think he noticed something, didn’t feel what I was doing but he started to turn around and seemed aware of some kind of activity. Again I found myself pushed away, but not in my body this time, I stayed in his flat, I got pushed in his living room. So I just trained to manifest myself, focus on my astral body, starting with my feet, visualizing them on this floor, my weight on it, the cold, the rest of my legs and everything.
I came back to myself and thought I have to work on my manifestations, educate myself on how to be more “present”, sensable.

Since the first travel, I got very aware of this rope between us. Everytime I felt my plexus being too drained or too loaded, I don’t know the correct english word for this… I pulled it ? I pulled it with force like a leash, like when you have a big dog who’s walking too fast for you and you have to pull the leash back with strength.

All of this experience makes me think he’s not aware of this link, maybe it happened during conversations. I think that if he did this on purpose, he would have put some filter to prevent me to reach him or see he’s the one influencing me. clearly it’s a 2 ways thing, I can reach him pretty easily even if everything is all blurry and I’m very limited, more than in other places I have been. I’m not a newbie to astral travel, but I never got to a specific place so easily. I just had to imagine that the rope I was climbing on to get out of my body was this link, and that it would lead me to the other person, and I was behind his back in no time. I’m gonna try to send him energy today and fuck up his chakra too, see what happens.
But I’m gonna speak to him about that tomorrow. I doubt he’s aware of it. Maybe he will prefer to cut it, which is fine I had my fun. And maybe he will agree to keep it a little longer to see if we can play with it both. And I’m curious to have his feedback, did he feel something or not at all.

Anyway, I’m having fun with it. It made me do some progress and gain some knowledge, and so far I had no trouble with his entity.

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