Entity for fear

Hello, this is Juice person’s friend.my soul is getting bound to an astral vessel. The magician said it would take two weeks. I am trying my best to not think at all. The reason why is because whenever I think, I get scared of waking up in the morning. which entity can I call to help me get through the last three days until two weeks is over. Which entity can help me get rid of my fear of waking up in the morning completely until I finally leave my body?

Wait, so you want to be bound to a vessel? and I’m not sure I understand the issue, if it succeeds then you got it, if not than you were thrown for a loop.

Yes. My friend wants to leave his body permanently.

I think your friend might be getting conned. Being bound to an astral body doesn’t purge the physical body of the soul. The astral body would just be a form you use in the Astral Realm.

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Yes but his consciousness would be retained in his astral body wouldn’t it?

No it would be retained in his physical, if he dies than he would possibly just end up stuck in a vessel for the rest of his ‘afterlife’ and whatever finds it would possibly have control over him with it. However, that’s speculation off the idea of being bound to a vessel, kind of reminds me of when the, I guess mythology? of when the goetia was said to have been bound to iron and cast into the dead sea, they were “trapped” there until Asmodeus released them. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on this. I remember reading it and thought Asmodeus was such a badass lol.

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So it is impossible to leave his body permanently without physical methods?

No you can leave it temporarily, my theory for that anyway is that upon reincarnation you’re bound to the body as it being yours until you die and that binding is released, not that it’s placed by anyone but just a natural part of reincarnation. I could be wrong.


So he can’t die by spiritual methods?

I have never seen or heard of someone dying by direct spiritual means, I have heard of spiritual things causing a series of events that may end in an event where someone is killed or dies, but that’s a bit much.

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What I mean is, he cannot call call on a death entity to kill him in his sleep?
or does he HAVE to do physical methods?

I’ve attempted that once by trying to seek out the literal embodiment of peaceful death Thanatos lol, he refused to do it because as he said to me it was not his place to take my life and that I was just a child (at the time) assuming if I leave this plane things would be a whole lot more interesting when I could be wrong.

Wish I could channel him.

Why does your friend want this? He has not ascended therefore this is home-base for now.

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At this point, I’d suggest therapy for your friend. Or at least a suicide hotline.

I’ve been suicidal in the past and trust me, killing yourself isn’t going to make things better.


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I don’t really channel, I usually prefer projection.

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There is not much he can do anyway. He is really sick.

Lots of pain in his physical body

How sick are we talking?

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Very sick, so he suffers every day. He just wants to leave, because he knows he is going to die anyway in some time