Entity for fear

So is he terminally ill or just very sick?

What is he suffering from?

Very sick.

Do you know what it is the illness?

Lots of things. Intestinal bleeding, pain in many different places. Extreme coughing. Stomack pangs and other things.

Is he taking medication?

Colon cancer?

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Doctor says he has only 10 percent chance of survival, and may only live another few months with pain.


The only thing we can do is to get someone to evoke spirits to possess him and destroy the cord that connects him to his body.

I like those odds, why would he focus on the 90%.
He’s not stage 4 so why not focus on healing it instead.

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After all this, he doesn’t want to live in a physical body anymore.

Well, if he dies, he’s just going to reincarnate into another physical vessel.

There are tons of spirits to help alleviate the pain, like Archangel Raphael.

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Why not do healing magick instead?

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I don’t think so. He will live in the astral realm.

Buer needs to be consulted at least LOL

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what does he do?

Demon of health and wellness LOL

internal empires hmo and ppo combined

Sorry I tend to simplify things but it’s the fast track to memorize stuff for me LOL