Entity attacks while sleeping

I need some advice. I am not new to this type of stuff by any means, but I am just starting my magickal learning journey for sure. I used to be an avid lucid dreamer and had astral projected a few times in high school, but since got heavy into meth and heroin and marijuana usage which stunted my abilities in these areas. I have since got sober (since November now) and have begun reintroducing myself to these experiences. Now the thing is that I have been attacked by a black entity that felt like latex a few times now. The first time was in sleep paralysis a few weeks ago, I was in SP and was attempting to project, but as I left my body and began to orientate upright, there was a being that appeared as a black humanoid figure that felt like latex. The first attack it grabbed me as I was trying to project and become upright and struck me in the stomach with its fist and threw me back down on my bed. I felt the blow to my stomach and the being then held me down and I got the impression it was trying to rape me. I was stuck in this state for quite some time. I knew enough not to freak out because only relaxing would free me, but even relaxing it held me in this state for quite some time. I tried imagining a white light but had no ability. I woke up after a few minutes of feeling it caress me and telepathically laugh and jest at me. I was trying to call out to my roommate but of course to no avail. I had a small period of time where I allowed myself to freak out and it of course only made it worse so I quickly calmed myself back.
The second experience was last night. I awoke to an intense fear directed towards the corner of the room but quickly fell back asleep. I again awoke in SP being held down and “raped” by this thing. This time I just tried to relax so as to snap out of it but I was held in this state. I could feel its hands on my sides and it pressed against my back. It was a ticklish feeling. I eventually called for it to leave in the name of god and then the Archangel Raphael. Upon the second name I felt it begin to scream and recede slowly. It finally snapped and I awoke out of it.

If anybody has any idea what I’m dealing with any help would be appreciated.
These things dont so much as frighten me anymore but it’s quite irritating and a bit unnerving.

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I should add that I have experienced sleep paralysis entities before, but something is different about these experiences. The fact that it punched me and threw me back into my body is just weird.
Also how I was held in paralysis and in body for such a long time without myself being in fear

Have u been checked for sleep apnea? Your brain may be lacking oxygen so the switching mechanism is thrown off and u wind up in SP in Sleep Apnea.

Initially i wanted to say attack them but that wont make a difference. I’m now inclined to wonder if your being thrown back into ur body to protect u…

The fear is something internal preying on a very real thing u are going through (which may or may not be linked to something medical like Narcolepsy , Sleep Apnea, Partial seizures)

Happened almost everyday to me from the age of 13-28 …Get visitors from time to time, even with CPAP machine, but no more sleep paralysis. The paralysis itself fuels the panic , fear…

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I have not been checked for apnea. Wouldn’t surprise me, I snore quite a bit. Though I assume the SP episodes relate to my desire for projection. It’s on my mind quite a bit lately; I generally look at SP as a stepping stone to project but that’s interesting I will look into it definitely


If u ride out the paralysis, u will either project outward, or get propelled inward into some deep extradimensional space. This is how it used to be. Now if i have a SP and try to ride it…complications. What doesn’t want u to project is ur brain, if ur out there, but ur body isnt breathing…It may be protecting u because of the potential dangers.

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Dangers like what?
It definitely feels like something’s been around lately. Could be some entity I picked up in addiction pissed that I’m working on myself.


Addiction itself is a monster. Let alone whatever drug u gave life to in a war that in one’s mind surpasses a suffering those not immersed in it will never know. Without going into my story, the body , mind need time to recalibrate and heal.

Maybe rather than leaving ur body, u may want to reintegrate it’s sensations? If u have a girlfriend or lover, touch each other and just be present for hours, if u don’t i dunno, get a massage, or touch urself at various points and feel the sensation…

With what u were on, u were disconnected.
1-good sleep, u arent getting it if dwarfish monstrosities are raping u, and trying to suffocate u (do u wake up gasping for breathe after some of the attacks?)
2- Mind body need to reconnect. Usually its a year and 3 months until ur brain has re-normalized itself …not that it will ever be what it was…

After a year clean will the gifts start to come back.I suggest work on ur sleep. I couldn’t get good sleep for over a year when i stopped using…saw a neurologist, and got a Polysomnography test.

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Never woken up breathless. But yeah definitely still feel the recalibration


ive had damn near the same experience and am a former addict. mine was a litle different because I felt as if the entity pushed me out of my bodywhilei was being attacked. I was paralyzed of course


this happened to me will on a opioid called suboxone. after being attacked I woke up breathless. I had been on suboxone for years at this point and was miserable.


Yeah definitely calling an archangel would make your worst fear run away screaming! Also Raphael and Michael are the fastest to answer on the astral! I get stuck a lot and dig a nightmare for me… but everytime I called either Michael or Raphael I got out of it unharmed! Also when its just my mind creating shit for me they play me a lullaby that I cant ever remember it when I wake up afterwards! It’s so beautiful and I know I heard it but my mind never registers it!!!
Since you called on Raphael I think he can help you a lot with this! He can show you how to heal and cleanse you from this!

You’re being drained by this entity and it would be wise to start removing as soon as possible.

Here are some good books on the subject:

And yeah, you’re right about staying calm. Do the best you can to relax when an attack is ongoing, I’ve found that this often stops the paralysis. Becoming pissed off and trying some Dragonball Z shit is often futile and just serves to feed the entity.

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