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I have tracked down a parasitic entity to my brother. It seems he is suffering with signs of BPD borderline personality disorder but can also see spirits which seems to be something a lot of people who see them have going off people I know. But he kept this quiet for most of his life suffering in silence and a black shadow has been following him about showing itself every so often. As a pitch black silhouetted form that seems to move like in 4D space with no features. Talks an alien like language. Last night I got him to finally contact it and make it talk in english which it did in the end and it was a trickster lying piece of crap. Saying it was hate personified, that its feeding off us, I am a failure and it is pretending to be spirits to feed. That its this and that and name dropping that its bigger than Ezekiel etc etc.

The room went freezing cold when it turned up. But it couldn’t actually move an object or make a physical noise at all and when I mocked it it got angry swearing and throwing a hissy fit. Now I told him to push in your view as it enveloped him in darkness and it appeared as a snake and then to burn it sending fire out your hands at it. It squeeled in frustration and then vanished in end. Now my issue is how far could this thing have spread and pretended to be something it wasn’t. I am unsure if it was affecting me by missdirecting me, pretending to be stuff and giving me false things without me realizing and my banishing would touch it as it was connected to my brother.

How would one make sure its gone fully or what it may have interfered with? I told him he needs to banish, cleanse bath and I saged the house today and did a singing bowl banish also. But it is scary how nothing I did actually affected this thing at all even when requesting protection from the most high and gods of old plus my own power without any affect at all at the time. But my thought is if its connected to him by his anger, frustration and being down then my work wont budge it as its clearing my space.

Anyone heard of anything called Paecuu at all, a name it gave itself?


He would be it’s "anchor as it were (or might well be)

When something establishes an attachment to you, there’s a sort of subtle “agreement” that occurs even if only subconscious.

That basically gives it access by way of the sovereignty of the individual it’s attached to.

That’s why, maybe even more so than it’s attachments to places and things, it’s personal attachments to people need to be released, resolved, and dissolved.

Otherwise, your efforts can very well be undermined.

The “key demon” from the insidious movies actually communicates a lot about this sort of topic if you think about it.

These kind of things need a “key” or an “in” to stick around and attach or bridge themselves to you.

Whatever that key may be, even if it’s only momentary. Repressed emotions, trauma, feeding into delusions, and on and on.


How do you usually desolve these connections? it seems to have started when he was a kid attaching from an experience though an experience he has picked up from me more so as hes emphatic and attached it to himself like he experienced it as a false memory as such. Would he need to banish it himself or is there something more he needs to do or I can do? He burnt it when he made connection to it setting fire to it which made it squeal in frustration and then it vanished. The day after I made him a cleansing bath and near the end he said he heard it again screeching but in pain and after a bit it stopped. Could this have got rid of the horrible thing?

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To some extent I would say so. If he’s it’s strongest link, then it’s important that he actively oppose it’s presence.

One of the traps that can attract these types of negative beings is the yearning or desire for a spiritual experience. (Fighting off or experiencing a negative presence can provide such an experience, and can give the entity an inroad or “key”)

I don’t know that that’s the case here, but it crosses my mind reading that.


So do you mean the mind creates a like for like scenario as such a kind of thoughtform that gives you the spiritual experience one may desire in the name of a spiritual fight back in a way? to relieve such I assume you again would license it to depart with a commanding authority or put into visualization and burn it away to destroy said thing.

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Something like that. It can be a legitimate parasite too, not just a thought form. In either case, the person is creating a sort of subtle agreement subconsciously so they can have a spiritual experience (that they may find exciting, even if only on an unconscious level).

Yes, the usual methods still apply.


Interestingly I have sage cleansed the entire house for 3 days, singing bowl cleansed and used palosanto to bring in positive energies, cleansing bath for me and my brother. But the other night I just thought fuck it, expanded my energy out from me until glowing and felt the power and authority build and just blasted and commanded each negative thing to depart pushing it away with the final step enveloping everything in a divine light burning it all to remove any connections which made me shake at that point in concentration and force. Until it naturally just turned to light all around, tired me out but felt a lot cleaner and better after.

I do wonder though if these things can put ideas in your mind ie creative thoughts to draw stuff like sigils down or even hijack a sigil in a way. Always been curios of that one to me I would believe they need to try possess you to make you draw something they want which expands far to much energy for them to attempt for lack of return.


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