Entities that help pulling me out of my body - Astral travelling

What entities are expert/specialist in helping people to get out of their bodies?

I would need an entity that will pull me out of my body at night when i’m attempting to astral travel.

I’ve read that Thalos could be the right one to talk to. What are the recommendations? :sunglasses:

Please feel free to share your personal experiences and thoughts if this method has helped you.

Ps: I only want them to help me when i’m practicing astral projection of course. Not to be pulled out in the middle of the day at school or at a bus stop lol. :smiley:


Camio is an excellent Demon to work with while learning soul travel or astral projection, he’s a pretty friendly guy too.



Thanks! Where can I find his Enn? And sigil ?

Edt: is this his sigil?

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Information here:

Including his enn.


also bathin can help

Yes sir, that is indeed the correct sigil.

If you want to master soul travel, being able to ‘jump’ out of your body, then you have to learn it the hard way. It is not an easy skill, though highly desirable and beneficial, and very few mage can master it properly. Working with any entity will help but won’t do everything for you.

Is there any site like this for angels, with sigil and all necessary info.


Ye I think so. In the end we as an individual have to be able to induce astral projection/travelling on our own.

I just want some help now so that I can verify it’s not in my head lol. Like sometimes people say it’s just a lucid dream or something or your own imagination…

I’m dying to find out and someone really needs to pull my ass into the astral. I have 2 Succubus companions who are waiting for me :smile:

I’m not able to interact with them now. I can only sense energies but nothing more. I’m gonna try automatic writing tonight…

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after lhp initiation with Lucifer, I was pulled out twice.


What do you mean with lhp initiation?
How can I do that? Do I need to be invited by Lord Lucifer himself?

the serpents key–youtube video… or just ask Lucifer.

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lhp… left hand path.

You might like this.

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Lucifuge Rofocale tried to do that to me, but I got scared and stopped. I wish I hadn’t

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Lakshmi pulled me out


Haha lol, why did you get scared ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Was he doing that at an unexpected time? Or inconvenient time? I’m trying to practice astral projection each night before going to sleep. So that would be a good time to pull me out I think :smiley:

Inducing a manic state is the fastest way

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What do you mean with a manic state? Do you have to have a bipolar disorder ? Or do you mean a ‘‘trance’’ state? Induced?

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I had did a ritual with him to assist in cursing my Astral enemies. He showed up and tried to scare me…growled. Testing me no doubt. I passed because he stayed and hovered above me in a skull faced black figure when I went to bed. I felt him grab my legs and pull my Astral body . Iam somewhat a beginner…so yeah this freaked me out and I told him no.

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