Entities that help pulling me out of my body - Astral travelling

Racing thoughts, stress, extreme moods, movement, pain etc. I believe there is a spell that forces you out of body.

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Oh wow I thought you had to be into theta brainwave state / hypnosis state for full concentration. Then go past the vibrational state to exit your body or letting a demon help you to exit.

Also sleep paralysis can also help, but that scares me and I find it annoying lol.

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Both work. A technique to this concentration is to immediately cut stray thoughts as they appear. Like a sickle on wheat

Chakraless_can you show me how to summon him

Delepetorae helps with astral travel. Currently she and I are just working with my divination skills. She is very happy to help those who want to learn and excells at imparting knowledge, understanding and clarity.

Her Enn is: Deyen Pretore Ramec Delepitore On Ca

Her sigil is.


How do you induce a manic state?