Enochian Tablet

when opening the Enochian Tablet would some one just repeat “Spirits of the Great Art of Union” and “Grand Angels of the Divine Law”? i recently found this square on one of ea,s post and it has intrigue me more than anything i know to keep the conjuration short. would that work?


Are you talking about the “dangerous” Enochian Square EA posted about? Or the Tablet of Union? Because they are completely different things.

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yes thats the one im taking about

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The thread you linked says it all. Open it the same way you would any other square, or spirit sigil. Say the incantation EA gives, and when the angels are present, give your command.

In my opinion, you don’t have to repeat the conjuration, but there is no harm in doing so if it helps you to enter the TGS and open the square.


ok thank you i thought to keep it short. i can get the square to flash no problem but would i repeat the names till they show up or em im getting it wrong? if i just say spirits of the Great Art of Union” and “Grand Angels of the Divine Law” and repeat it would that work other then saying the conjuration

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There are no names associated with that square. It conjures legions of Enochian Angels, more than can be named. That is why it is so powerful. In the old thread EA says “Elemental seniors and angels will spill into the Temple.”

With Enochian Magick, you are better off using the proper conjuration rather than trying to shorten it. The conjuration itself is fairly short compared to, say, those of the Enochian Keys, so I would use it as is.

To the Enochian Angels, the proper conjurations matter.


ok great to hear so after the square flashes saying the conjuration once would be enough for them to appear?

The angels will flood the Temple, yes. Whether you will be able to see them, is a whole different question. You should be able to feel them though as the temperature of the room will change.

If you have enough incense burning, you may catch glimpses of them but they may also flash in and out of materialization since there will be a great many of them.

Also, remember the square is only to be used for the most pure of goals, so nothing materialistic. Direct Ascension is what these angels deal with.


thanks again it just seems quick just saying once after learning about evocation and repeating names

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Like I said, you can repeat the conjuration as many times as you like, but do not alter it or shorten it. Enochian Magick is very powerful and the angels are very traditional in that they like things done a certain way.

That is why EA gave the conjuration in the first place. If you didn’t need it, he wouldn’t have used it.

Enochian is its own system, with its own rules, and the Angels cannot be evoked in the same way as you would Raphael, or Michael, or Raziel. That is how things go wrong and your life gets turned upside down.


Did anyone else do an evocation ritual with an enochian tablet?? Someone tried with another tablet ??

Is there another way to open this Tablet without TGS ??