Enochian magick experiences

Well the last couple years is been a lot of enochian magick release,but talking to a few people’s they come whit a book, authentic secrets,tips of enochian,I was like not really into,but the history was good.now it’s a few books lately,do you work whit tat magick,? It’s fast? Safe? Lot of items,? The guy described easy rituals and purification whit good results since he belong to a magick group,and his friend is a published author .but honestly it’s confusing bcse lavey use them,too.and was like we’re he learned ? And wat is the purpose of enochian seriously,? Whit caballa, etc now open info,?

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I’ve never gotten into Enochian magick, maybe @DarkestKnight has some feedback on this though?

I don’t think you have anything to lose by trying it.

But, you’re not Lavey, you’re you, and you are a mage you can make it work how you like. He used the system, but so have a lot of people, it’s got nothing to do with him otherwise.

It’s an original system developed in the16th-century writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley.

That’s like asking what the purpose of Hinduism is when you already have Buddhism, or the purpose of parsnips when you have carrots… you have options. You might not need both, but the more you have the more learned you are and the better off and more rich your life will be.


The majority of modern Enochian books are derived from the work done by the Golden Dawn to reconstruct it in the late 19th century. They combined it with their own Hermetic Kabbalah, and other correspondences. Until then, Dee’s journals, with the original Enochian, were mostly inaccessible.

Enochian is very versatile, and has been used in both angelic and demonic magick, which is why you’ll find it shoehorned into all sorts of different systems.

Enochian has been described as a sort of operating system for reality. It’s true purpose is unknown (the angels were kind of cagey about it when Dee asked), but it can be used for practically anything. One thing Dee’s diaries makes pretty clear, though, is that the angels wanted it to be used. They bluntly told Dee to use the magick, and stop asking questions.


I’ll shill these books because they are safe, simple, and effective. Enochian can kinda fuck your shit up, but that should only happen if you are doing very advanced practices beyond what is presented in any of these books. It is a beautiful magick that can make you happy and successful, but it also contains great power.

Success Magick by Damon Brand would be my first recommendation
Universal Magick by Corwin Hargrove
Adventures in Sex Magick by Damon Brand


Simply consult the 5 books of mystery by john dee, and then you can from there refer yourself to the reconstructionism of the Golden Dawn, Crowley, etc. Take the sources with a grain of Salt.

I would personally refer to Lon Milo DuQuette’s work regarding the subject. Simply do what I do and fish for PDFs online and eventually you will get what you want.


I can certainly vouch for Universal Magick.
I haven’t finished Success Magick yet, slowly making my way through… started nearly a year ago and I’m up to 36 out of 49 rituals (for those unfamiliar each ritual is performed each day for seven days before moving to the next).


Some of the best ones:

Practical enochian Magic

Mastering the great table

Success magick

And Universal Magick

Once you master the 4 books you can prrfectly design your own powerful Rituals in a demonic way or more elemental if desired