Enochian key or tablet question

Hey guys, im searching for an image.
It is a wheel divided into rings, with the hebrew alphabet/pronunciation of angelic names, where i believe you can trace out the sigil?

Ex. ‘MICHAEL’ would trace MI-CHA- EL on the wheel, and bam, workable sigil. Ive seen it on here before, but cannot find it :frowning: any help is appreciated!

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You don’t mean the Golden Dawn’s Rose Cross or do you?

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I know only those two:
Heptarchia Mystica

and rose cross from golden dawn

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Unfortunately those arent the ones. The heptarchia mystica one is close, but not quite the one. Ive tried refining my search further via forum and google but still to no avail. I KNOW its on this forum somewhere lol. I appreciate the assistance!

Like Netherman said…? Rose cross sigil creator with English:


Wow, I feel a little foolish now. Cant believe i didnt check for a rose cross translation.
Thanks for your help guys, ill remember my common sense next time :face_with_monocle:

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