Enochian key #11 for sex

Hi.how any of ya ’ guys& grls use the #11 key of enochian chapter for sex atractions? Im getting to try nxt week.we always here about destructiin &etc.tanks on advancement


If someone could post info on the calls and their purposes, that would be fucking great. Or, lead us to a good source about them.

Hi.is far i knw tat church of satan star tat back in the day.we can google the call but i mean new way 2 do it candlez positions of calls west& sotuh etc.maybe timing planetary.who knws.

On the Church of Satan website, it says that the second, seventh, and thirteenth keys are for lust and weddings. I don’t know how reliable they are, but where the fuck did you get that the #11 key is for sex? I’ve seen the second key appear in the lust and love section, but only for getting back an ex-lover. If anybody could contribute, that would be great.

maxine dietrich retranslated the enochian keys for satanic use.

from what i gather, the second key is for marriage. the seventh is to arouse women. and the thirteenth is to arouse men. but get a second opinion bc as usual, ymmv.

since you want to arouse women, the seventh enochian key (dietrich) is:
raas salman babalond oecrimi aao malprg
croodzi bvsd, qviin satan odo bvtmon
od z chis noas em paradial
casarmg vgear olora chirlan; od z chis
zonac luciftian, cors ta vavl zirn tolhami;
soba londoh od miam chis ta q ziarahs,
micalz vmadea de satan, pibliar;
moz gohed. c no qvol de qvasahi,
zacare! zamran! oecrimi de satan!
omicaolz aai om; bagle papnor i dlvgam
lonshi, od vmplif vgegi blior de satan!

to use the key in a ritual, you

: set up your decompression chamber and prepare.
: trance in using whatever induction you use to go into theta/gamma sync (opening a sigil, or skrying flame/water/air/glass/whatever).
: call the forces and directions (whether they be the nine, the gods of our age/gods of the west, or whatever), and invoke satan energy as the all. all of this is your deepener.
: read the enochian call while in your trance.
: after reading the key you burn the page you wrote your request on and request it manifest to you as your posthypnotic suggestion.
: then you come out of trance and your greater magick work is done.

from there on it’s lesser magick time and that’s when you get out in the field and sarge.

the keys themselves tell you everything you need to know if you read them and their translations.


There is any way to get this on voice intone guide?

The Choronzon Enochian call 11 is for necromancy and funeraries

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What book is this from?