Enochian key confusion

Hello, i try to found the 7th enochian key, but seem not easy to found a clear guide to pronounce it well. I am not native english, so the letters and sound are confusing. Also it seem to have different versions of the same key that i don’t know if they are valid. Exemple this one is easier to pronounce
Grand Belial's Key - The Seventh Enochian Key lyrics | LyricsFreak
but seem really different than this one on a post
Enochian key #11 for sex - #4 by system

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I see you found the demons made of fire that put these lesser demons to shame!

Good luck, it’s quite a scene.

Sorry, i don’t get you?

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As far as I know enochian isn’t English so chances are your pronunciation will probably pass muster be ok and accepted by the spirits even if it isn’t perfect especially since it’s been around in 1 form or another since Queen Elizabeth the firsts time so the entities have likely heard every conceivable variation by now so don’t worry too much about getting it perfect just do your best that should be good enough.