Enochian Element Tablets

A couple questions for advanced Enochian practitioners:

  1. How does one construct a given tablet? Do you just slap it together half-assed, or take your time to perfect it?
  2. How does one consecrate, charge, activate and open the Tablet of the element and the Tablet of Union? How about closing/deactivating/decharging the Tablet?

Since this is a priority for me, in terms of continuing moving forward in my magical practice with the resource I am working with at this time, this needs to be completed with the answered questions, so I will do some research and hopefully provide new information to help those now or in the future of working with the Enochian Tablets. I know three other resources, Cicero, DuQuette and Kraig on creating and consecrating the tablets.
Hopefully, again, I will be able to provide fresh information related to my questions, and not have this be off topic and a dead horse post. Hopefully I can be of service by helping others here that are trying to make use of Enochian materials, particularly the Tablet of Union and Elemental Tablets.

I think that Modern Magick might hold the answers to the questions.