Enns of Keltar and Dratalon

Hello, please does they have enns or mantras ti summon them or do you know some invocation of them? :grimacing::grinning:

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Enns originate in demonolatry, while Keltar and Dra’talon come from Kingdoms of Flame and book of Azazel I think so probably no Enns, you might wanna try E.A’s chant for summoning spirits or grand invocation of the pact while concentrating on their sigils.


As @Akashiel already mentioned, enns originate from the religious practice of demonolatry, and it should be noted that not all demons have them (as far as I have seen, enns are traditionally used for the spirits of the Goetia; demons that originate elsewhere either do not have any, or have never bothered to provide them to their summoners). Some modern magicians have asked the demons without enns to provide them so if you search this forum, you will find some new ones people have come up with.

Enns are never necessary or mandatory. You can easily evoke a demon without them.


Good, thats enough information. Thank you :wink:.