Enns and demons

Does enns really help summoning demons? I mean, the summoning works better with them?

Also I’ve heard someone said that demons don’t appreciate enns, that when enns were first created it was created with the intention of enslave the demons. Does anyone hear anything like that from the demons? Or they’re really okay with it?


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Doubtful as the originating system is demonolatry which has a very respectful attitude towards demons
I personally use Enns as one would certain mantras, to call upon the power of that specific demon. While I find that the enns make it easier for demons to manifest, its not necessary and some may find that they don’t really work for them


Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, which looks at the demonic as Divine, so they would not use them if they were meant to enslave.

No one really knows if they were created by the demonolators, or provided by the demons themselves, though the latter is the standard story.

Some demons don’t seem to like their enns (which is weird if they were indeed given by the demons themselves) but they have nothing to do with the purpose of enslavement. They are simply mantras in the demonic language designed to invoke the energy of the demon, nothing more.

And no, summoning does not “work better” with the enns. They are simply one of the methods available. I, personally, never use them.


Yeah, I once kind created a mantra in a moment of trance and it did helped me summon. But I forgot the words afterwards and never use mantras again. I suppose both ways work

Yeah I never use them either, although for a very long while was because of that thought, that they don’t like, so I never felt comfortable with them.

What they said ^^

I’m one of those that on the principle of trying something before knocking it, used the enns for two entities a few times just to see what it felt like. They worked fine but not as well as EAs Invocation of Powers imo.

Generally speaking I prefer to call a name, with or without a sigil. Mantras and associated repetitive actions. malas/rosaries, chants, mudras and so on aren’t my thing. I do feel a benefit to using sound as a source and language as a focus to build energy, but I feel like it’s ideal to think about the calling first and let the words form themselves secondarily, which in my case usually doesn’t yield a set pattern of noise.


I used the enns to build on the relationship and connection with the demon I have worked with. But, once that connection was established, I just meditated. I love meditating to marimba meditation music when working with Lucifer, Bune, or. Belial. Sometimes I just meditate in a quiet Space and add a few drops of frankincense to my scent diffuser. Belial loves it. You should explore what scents the demon you are working with likes and incorporate that when summoning the demon.


When I invoke Lucifer…I have a chant that I say other than the enn. I have noticed that I can feel energy build when I use that chant and when I use the enn, the energy drops…

So I don’t know if that means he doesn’t like the enn or not…:but that is what I have experienced.

But I’ve also successfully invoked with just the enn


I have seen many enns written in a language I do not understand, there is no enslavement but a magical chant to enhance your summoning of a specific deity.

I have created my own enns or mantras and written them in simple english so I can understand what I am reading and chanting with my ritual, I do not believe the enns have magical properties to enslave demons but are used as an enhancement to your ritual and should be created by you, the magician.

The same with sigils I have created my own sigils, starting with elemental magic for each ritual. Although I have used others that I have grabbed online, I have learned to craft my own sigils to fit each ritual.

There’s no real secret to magic, it is better to create your own ritual and tools to enhance your ritual, than something you don’t understand.


Yeah me too. I prefer, it works better for me to just call in an informal way, not repeat mantra or enns or anything like this, just call the spirit, focusing on the sigil and trying to feel the calling inside me.

I like use music to meditation and even summoning sometimes too. It helpes me. Yeah I’ve done that, it helped creat an atmosphere too and they do love. I use a lot sandalwood.

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I never tried an enn, but sometimes when I’m doing an invocation I listen to this YT video and repeat some of the words, it works.

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True, I think there’s more power in anything you created, cause has your own energy on it, the energy of your work. I use sigils and others stuff made by others, but I have created some sigils to summoning and specially to do magik, I like creat my own spell, sigil, words to enchant. Feel more right.

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