Enn of ahk'laht'esh?

ive seen some threads of people on here saying theyve contacted him, but i can’t find his enn anywhere. does anyone know it? thank you.

Not all demons have enns. Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, so only those worshipped in that practice have them, though some magicians have tried to extend that to spirits from outside that particular practice.

ah okay! how do you contact a demon without an enn?

Use its seal.

He doesn’t have one.

He has a sigil.

Enns only come from the religion of Demonolatry, and most entities don’t have them, they are newer idea and you’ll find them channeled by people into demonolatry. I suppose you could adopt that religion, worship him and channel one, but I don’t advise it, Azazel and his Nether Lords are more about self reliance not giving your power away in worship. Personally, I NEVER use them on principle, but I tried one once and it works well enough, it’s an option but not really needed.

To contact him use the instructions in the book by the author who discovered him, E.A. Koetting who is a cofounder of this forum. That is the Book of Azazel.

Or just follow the instruction in the first link in the post below on how to use sigils, or search the forum for sigil magick and there are bunches of tutorials and tips for that. :+1: