Enlil experience

Has anyone ever worked with Enlil? If so, what was your experience?


He’s like Odin,
or Zeus,
the Vather of the other Sumerian Gods.

Only Anu predating him,
in the Sumerian Pantheon.

He’s good to work with.
Like Zeus,
he’s been a Stormgod (Wind, Air Element).

I recommend you ask him,
or your current Spirit Familiars,
to help you time-travel to:

Since with a time travel to it’s actual inhabited state,
you can see the culture and Pantheon the best way.

being his folk and culture,
you’ll notice to not look so ancient at all.

Yes, the Clothing is very different from ours.

But the Technology they’ve used will suprise you.

that “E.A.” Enki, was his Brother and they rebeled each other,
for the throne.

So when aproaching Enlil,
make sure you’ve seperated your mind from Archealus (E.A. Koetting),
a little bit,
as he’s most associated with Enlils brother,

Enlil and Enki are said to have created Human kind into the form we currently know and expierience within these Vessels.
So it would be wise to give a little credit and contribution towards that,
when you approach him in Assur.

You should also know,
that one of his Titles includes,
“he, who gives rest to disturbed sleep.”,
So in case you should grow worry of everlasting life,
he can help you find true recovery,
from the constant Eternal everlasting being.




I’ve met him. I believe he is connected to Lucifer however. His color is light green for element of wind. He is like elven king with the most kindest expression ever. His presence is gentle and caring. He is most associated with storm. The reason i believe he is connected to Lucifer is because they might be one and same but someone else can tell me otherwise?


there’s various theories like that,
since there’s definately some alignements and similarities.

As always,
the chronologic consideration would count in there.

is a Latin term,
and simply didn’t exist in that term,
before the Language was created.

At the same time,
was almost completely forgotten,
for a couple thousand years.

in terms of them being different masks of the same Energy:
Quite possible.

But i’d say it’s to them,
to confirm such assumptions.




@Shani It’s interesting you mention him looking like an Elven King, do you encounter him outside?

@Yberion ahh thanks for clarifying about the Enki/Enlil relationship! I wondered about how that would affect the interaction…

Also, I’ve just recently discovered our true creation story, how fuckin amazing is the Universe​:star_struck::stars::volcano:

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I see him in my mind’s eye :blush:




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This might be interesting towards your original question:

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