Raising the Recently Dead This version must be performed within not more than 48 hours, and you should have at least the lion’s share of the remains. It will work better the less damaged the body is, but as this is not always something you can control, I would just maintain an awareness of it, and work as well as you can with what you have. The body can be magically rebuilt to an extent, depending on the Blood available and the adeptness of the practitioners. This rite will probably completely drain your energy, and will at least take out a huge amount of it. Be prepared for this beforehand, and give yourself several days of rest afterward. You may actually sweat blood during this ritual from the strain it will put you through, but the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a ritual of this caliber is supreme. Before starting in earnest, all participants ought to meditate on what will happen, visualizing the process and laying the groundwork for this almighty act of Sorcery. As soon as possible, whisper the words, “Rise up and Live again; my Will be done!” into the subject’s ear. At the next midnight, place the subject in an open coffin on a black altar. If possible, have a room used solely for the purpose of reviving the deceased. The altar is to be in the middle of the room, in the center of the pentagram, magic circle, or whatever such trapping you use, if you use one at all. Place a black veil over the deceased’s face. You’re going to need a sword or a staff charged with your Blood. It may crack from the strain you’re going to put through it. You’ll also want a Baphomet pentagram amulet/necklace. As many as possible are to attend, and be in complete harmony with the objective. They will, if nothing else, direct their Lifeforce into the deceased, forcing them back to life. They must give greatly, and freely. The Sorcerer heading up the ritual must do the same, while helping direct all available Blood into the subject. Place an egg at the head of the recipient, a vessel of Life flowing back into them. It need not have an embryo in it, an egg from a grocery store will be perfectly fine. You can also use a woman, but it is no more effective, and women repulse my sensibilities, so I never use one. Upon the deceased’s forehead, place an ankh, either an actual one or draw one on them, ideally in sacrificial human blood from the participants. This is the sign of eternal life, and will help prepare their body to live again. Over their heart, draw the Baphomet pentagram, power, rejuvenation, and life to reenter the heart and get it beating again. Concoct a potion from a few drops of menstrual ‘blood’, a half cup of milk, preferably unprocessed milk, and a pinch of cinnamon. As much as time permits, study and have on hand books and tales of resurrection, both true and fictional, for motivational purposes. Using this ritual, you can raise the deceased as either a zombie like slave, or channel and reconstruct their mind and soul to cause them to live again. The first use could be accomplished through many other means which are far less trouble, however, so the knowledgeable Sorcerer will almost exclusively use this ritual to benevolently restore life. The spoken words of the ritual are as follows. It matters not how they are said, so long as they are said with feeling and sincerity. Only one is to speak. In My Name, Ascend from death into Life! We congregate this night to see the resurrection of our brother/sister (substitute that for zombie if that’s what you’re doing), _________! It is my command that s/he live again, and re-enter his/her waiting shell! In the Name of All which is Mighty and Secret, we shall achieve this by the Powers known to Us. We are the Practitioners of that which mortals ken not! We have gathered now the Tools and Sacrifice needed to achieve what is forbidden to the flock! With the Authority of Darkness, we dare enact the greatest of magical taboos, and to walk confidently where the weak fear to tread! We beseech thee, Midgard, Nemeses, Set, Anubis, Rem, Hades, (as each Death God’s name is spoken, the others in congregation, whether more active participants or merely giving their Blood to the fallen, should cry “Hail” afterward), breathe life once again into the lungs of our beloved (or slave) this night! All Those Who Slither and Fly by Night, come up from your cold, your damp, and your dark lairs, and make manifest our Will! I am (insert speaker’s name here)! With me stands (all participants call out their names, magical or profane, one by one, until all are accounted for)! We are thy family who summons you forth! Arise, dark companions! (Turn all of your attention to the presently deceased, and spoke unto them the following) NOX shall breathe the breath of life into you, you who lays not dead, but dreaming! You shall not pass into death! You cannot pass into death! Thy flesh, unconsumed, shall live and know movement again! Precious brother/sister (Unwilling slave), ___________, aeternus sum! You are bound to life by our Will! (All Speak this) Praise be to the Lords of Death! By they, you shall be raised! (Pass the sword or staff over the subject’s entire body as you speak so-) In the names of the Inhabitants of the Shadowy Abyss, arise! In the name of those named and nameless, formed and formless, arise! In the names of the Gods of Death, arise! In the name of the Dark Arts, arise! In the name of Our ancestors and the Progenitor, arise! In the name of (speak thy own name here), arise! (Here, the second most powerful Sorcerer in attendance makes the hand sign of healing, folding the ring and pinky claws of their left hand straight down the palm (not curled, as a fist would be. The last knuckle on both fingers remain straight), with the index and middle claws straight up, the thumb on the side of the hand, pointing up as well) In the Name of Life, We Will accomplish this Miracle! (Speak this seven times passionately. All will say the next part) Arise! (If all has been done well and correctly, this is the payoff. The subject will either revive immediately, or slowly, as one awaking from a very deep sleep. Damage should have been repairing this entire time, but it may not be complete yet. After confirming that all Sacrificed Lifeforce went into the recipient, remove the veil. If the subject gags a bit, that’s normal. At some point, his/her eyes will open. Place the Baphomet necklace around their neck [it can be the same one you had over their heart], and hand them the sword or staff, if it didn’t burst. Give him/her the potion to drink. Address the congregation.) We placed all our faith in Darkness, and our faith rewards us so! Our dear brother/sister/slave lives again! (Address the resurrected if you didn‘t intend to make them your slave) Welcome back, ________. It is an honor to be in your presence, you, who have cheated Death. (Add any personal touches you feel necessary to close, or have that be the end)

And if this goes wrong you should contact Dante or Eric immediately

So did you try doing this? That’s pretty cool. This isn’t a high priority for me right now, but if I were to try in the future, how compatible do you think it would be to test this on the body of an animal? Personally I don’t see any reason that wouldnt be feasible.

Nice, very intense. I would be interested in, at the very least, attending such a ritual. I’ve just read of a rite performed by the yogis, wherein a corpse is laid on its belly, an inverted triangle is carved into its back, and, or course, some energy work is done. The corpse will spin its head around and face the practitioner sitting on its back. It is said to be extremely terrifying, and is a rite for the passage into the "Fearless"
This is definitely more benevolent though. To bring a known person back to life. I wonder, would their powers be incremented at that point? I hear it is common for people with near-death experiences to have gained new powers, though - it is also a detriment if gained in this manner from what I hear.
Still - interesting, I could feel the power of the words for sure.

I have never tried this on an animal so I cannot answer that. If used correctly this ritual will work to some degree… It is extremely powerful

Wow this is really interesting Necro, thanks for sharing. I do have a couple of questions though if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Is it possible to bring someone back who has been dead for 5 years? 50 years? Are there any time limits to this?

And also, what about if the person died of natural causes at a ripe old age, is it still possible to revive them/would there be any point in doing so?

I have not delved into this very far, I am sure it is possible to raise the long dead but I don’t know how other than a ritual I have never used. If you wish I will post the ritual but it clearly States it will most likely just create an angry wraith that you empowered. You can use this ritual for any corpse as long as the essences are still fresh… basically the 48 hour limit

Yeah man, Id love for you to post the ritual :slight_smile:

I guess the hard part after all that time would be finding the soul and shell of the person, wherever they are, and forcing them back into the body while also combining them at the same time. I assume they would never be exactly as they were. Interesting none the less.

Just thinking then. Perhaps if we found the soul of the person and forced it to reincarnate into its old body would work. As far as the soul would be concerned it would simply be going through the natural order of things, until the last minute when it would be too late. Of course you would still have to bind and combine the shell with the soul on entry.

I suppose the most obvious question is how the heck do you get your hands on a fresh human corpse legally?

I’m sure if it’s a “religious” request and family “ok”-ed thing, you could get a corpse of a recently deceased acquaintance. Though not very probable, it would most likely be the easiest way.

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LOL…I think I will start to call you Diggermaster.

Uncle Fester

@Neeros, maybe you could find a volunteer or underling that would completely have 100% faith in your ability to bring the dead back to life, to die for a short time and be brought back…I don’t know who would do this in their right mind, but, i’m sure there is someone out there…Hehehe…Just playing devil’s advocate…

@Neeros, maybe you could find a volunteer or underling that would completely have 100% faith in your ability to bring the dead back to life, to die for a short time and be brought back…I don’t know who would do this in their right mind, but, i’m sure there is someone out there…Hehehe…Just playing devil’s advocate…[/quote]

lol - start a suicide cult!
“I am The Savior, die this day and I shall bring you back to life!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Bodies aren’t buried in such a short time. Unless you are the one who found the dead body, you won’t be able to get one so fresh… legally speaking. But if a person is so immersed into black magic and is powerful enough to succeed with this level of ritual, legality isn’t an issue. Seriously, if a black magician could do it, they would have no moral qualms about killing to get the body; which is probably most beneficial since they can kill the victim doing as little damage as possible to the body. EA stated in some of his books that once pacts are made with demons, they can lead you into criminal acts… but more importantly can help you do so without getting caught by the authorities.

I would like to raise a mummy or maybe one of those alien baby corpses

@Neeros, maybe you could find a volunteer or underling that would completely have 100% faith in your ability to bring the dead back to life, to die for a short time and be brought back…I don’t know who would do this in their right mind, but, i’m sure there is someone out there…Hehehe…Just playing devil’s advocate…[/quote]

That doesn’t sound legal to me. I hope the devil has some better lawyers than you. :wink:

@Poete Maudit…I didn’t specify how the sacrificial, er… “Temporarily” sacrificial underling was going to meet their end…The “Legality” lies in that…If anything, the necromancer was simply trying to be a “Good Samaritan” (in the case of said ritual not working) merely attempting to revive the poor soul…After finding this unsuccessful he/she was simply performing a religious ritual for the recently deceased to be welcomed into the afterlife…Although, there shouldn’t be any legalities to worry about if the necromancer is capable…Hehehe… :wink: And then some…and then some…and then some…

The only thing I want to raise with you necromaster is a family lololol