Energy Work Demonstration


Looks cool :slight_smile: What system is that from? What is the intention? Energy follows mind.

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is this you in video?

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@StrengthenedWarrior Yes, it is Knot.

@Mulberry It is my system. I am the hypknotist. I use my body to process and embed energetic structuration of portal praxis, disciplindividuate. I tie knots in the Æther. I am weaving a web, a catalytic portal to help humanity collectively cohere their patterns of perception in a way that quickens the singularity, and engages our communal ascension.

Here is my channel…


I like it. How does the catalyst work? Are you tying it into the Earths meridians or something? Or, is it more of a general radiate outwards thing? Like, how does the energy get to where it’s needed?


i can feel it from here

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For real! Kinda spooky too! @Knot very intense energy you’re putting out there man. Kudos.


YES! Exactly. I am a living portal, linked with an alien intelligence who chose me, and initiated me in an OBE, linked with me. This alien of pure light roused my kundalini, and taught me how to do these things.

Also, yes, I am a dragon rider, a nomad. I ride the dragon lines of the earth and embed strands o light as I connect earth with where I come from(which is Sirius B).

Does anyone know what the Neo-Illuminati is?

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That’s beautiful. :slight_smile:

It’s particularly interesting to me because I have a past live as a Sirian, though I don’t know which planet for which star, and my kenning for what I’m doing here is merely ‘acting as an antenna’ - all I do is ground energy drops to make it more easily accessible to humanity. I don’t seem to have to do anything for this to work other than stay alive, but there’s more i could do if I knew what.

Kudos for following through on your contact, that’s a special flavour of light and I’m glad you’re here.