Energy types and drainage

I read in few posts dealing with succubus can drain your sexualising energy. Learning about it more.

Please can you guide what are some other ways and types of energies spirits can drain.

Also how some other people can steal a humans energy?

The energy drain people pertain to as vampirism, an antiquated siphoned technique to saddle energy from anything to do with sentient vibration (flora, fauna).

This additionally has numerous encounters with the Undead Gods according to a few occultists I’ve heard them relay on of some kind of interactive communion at hand.

The Dracula genealogy was just a modernized rendition like it is presently.

For capitulating, making a servitor can help you and you’ll feel more in charge than permitting the spirit to take it from them for you. In any case, attempt both. See what works best.


Depends what system you want to use. The underlying concepts are the same but the language will be different. A system is only a model by which we understand and describe reality, so don’t worry too much if you disagree with an aspect, go with your own inner truth first.

I practice qigong, so I use that system’s terminology.
Energy is called Qi, which is Chinese for “Energy”.

There are three types of qi - cosmic, earth and human qi. Plant qi is part of earth qi.
Human qi exists in the meridians, organs and blood, and is stored in the Dan Tians, forming the qi body.
Other types of energy make up other subtle bodies, like the emotional and mental bodies.
The energy within your body taken on different qualities depending on where it is.

So, an entity looking for energy may have a preference for energy with certain qualities.
Some like the emotional body energy you generate when you are angry. Some like sexual energy, which is pretty much what makes a succubus a succubus, some like heart energy and want you to increase that though feeling joy.

A human can do the same thing, but there’s a catch. You have a human body too. If you take energy from another human, the energy is so similar that it’s easy to take on qualities in that energy you didn’t want. If you siphon energy from the heart, and they have unbalanced heart qi, you will take on that imbalance. You are what you eat.

This is why vampires “filter” energy - they are trying to remove the imbalances, unwanted impurities and emotions… the resentment of the spose, the sniffle they’re fighting, the skin cancer they didn’t know they had yet…
But yeah, you can take qi from anything that has qi, which is literally everything, including people - not like they have a lot, but some.
Take from the cosmos and you have the purest, cleanest source you don’t have to filter and will never be depleted or unbalanced.


@Mulberry, I appreciate your tips on blasting back at vampires as well as the explanation here. I dont need to be a guinea pig for anybody, ya know.



Thanks Milberry.