Energy thief

When presented with information its not all it is exact.
So I ask : Is it thst spirit evocations and invocation that the spirits need our energy? Or do they / some feed off ours?
I am asking out of clarity and why do some people who claim to incorporate an entities essence their allegorical personalities still “warn” that they do not need spirit to actualize their sovereignty their deific selves?

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For the first question, I think it depends on the entity. None of the higher daemons I’ve worked with have needed or taken my energy, no.

I’m not sure I understand the 2nd question well enough to answer, but I think most people don’t need to invoke to be a sovereign spirit, they already are. I don’t personally think incarnate aspects of a known being are separate entities controlled by that being. They are that being exercising it’s omnipresence.

I say “most” because although I haven’t personally come across anyone saying they are an incarnate deity and are not sovereign, I think human vessels can contain many forms of spirit so I wouldn’t rule it out. But mostly, the point, imo, of taking human form is exactly to develop connection while retaining sovereignty.


You say it so well. Yes i can be unclear. My question was aroused after listening to a u tuber whom i no longer subscribe to but stumbled on to the other night

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