"Energy "scanning of eyes

I can see that he has a great sense of intuition.
He knows how to read people and even might be involved in divination tools (runes, tarot…etc). If that is not the case, he would be good. When he feels something is gonna happen, he is right. He can read situations very well.

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I will do, but tell me if I was close!!!

I have the feeling that your brother might even be a psychologist.

Yes he knows what is going to happen. :blush: You was right again! :love_you_gesture:

She has been trying to get rid of something or someone for quite a long time.
Maybe a very abusive relationship? Or maybe a massive debt?
I can see that she is recovering, and that she is very loving but also very grumpy mom.
Very loyal, like a lion.

Yes you was right at it again. :blush::love_you_gesture:

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My Dad is in to! :slight_smile:

I feel him ill. He has a chronic condition that has been making him struggling.
Maybe chronic pain? Something musculoskeletal? I feel is related with pain of some sort. It could even be psychological. He also seems a very creative person. I would not be surprised if he creates art as a hobby (from music, to drawing or even wood working).

He is happy with his life. He enjoys every second, and you can see him on his aura, despite all the bad things that may have happened in the past and present.

Beautiful eyes…


He has a back pain so yes your right. :blush: He drives Cadillac.

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Managed To get them To appear blue… Kinda.


They are amazingly beautiful. I think I kind of felt them yesterday.

Would you like me to scan them again?


What is this thread?

I can see you:


Yesterday seemed kinda… Off To me. But sure, would be nice To see if anything changed To your perception

uhh,not really.but,yes, I don’t like crowds. I don’t feel comfortable in a crowd.

i can’t say yes or not. It’s very lonely, but i still want to stay alone. weird lol.


I still feel tiredness despite the fact that you clearly seem physically refreshed.
You seem also fed up. Too many experiences, too mature.

You seem like an old soul. Maybe that is why it feels a bit exhausted. You seem to know too much for your age.


Don’t mind me, it is a stupid thread that occurred to me yesterday when posting on the TMW.

Beautiful eyes, very grey as well.
I can see that you are a person of refined tastes. You maybe are a foodie?
Epicurean for sure. You take your time in life, you have been rushing for too long, now things flow the way you let them.


thank you!


I do kinda feel exhausted, spiritually and mentally. Part of The reason for my Lappland retreat in a couple of months. Week away from People, in wilderness… Paradise


Maybe it is that you had enough, and need some “me” time.
You will definitely know better about it than me.:kissing_heart:

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Thank you. :blush: In certain lights they are shining blue.

Foodie? In what context? Energies are my speciality and my strengths when it comes to the spiritual. I’m all surrounded by energies, mainly from my spirits but also from other sources.

Things do flow nowadays, so you’re right on that. Thanks! :slight_smile: