Energy scan or reading

Hello there everyone. Hope you all are doing great.
I’m having tough times lately but im sure ill succeed. I was reading out some topics today here and got aware of this topic called “scan” idk what exactly to term it.
But I think it will surely motivate me. I would really appreciate if someone does a “scan” for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You want a scan but don’t know what it entails? o.O

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I’m not aware about it. Treat me as a beginner haha

What are you looking for in general?

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Something like this below link.

That doesn’t really tell me what you’re looking for, see by this I mean since you don’t know what a scan entails how do you know you want a scan? and not a tarot or oracle reading.

Like an overall general view of things around me in a spiritual ways and my aura.

Take a look at this, then go to the thread you linked and do a trade.

I would love to help you out, but I’m feeling off myself.Wishing you the best!

No worries. Thankyou and you take care too :slight_smile: