Energy Drain Hacks

what’s your best method(s) for overcoming energy drain?

a good nap and eating properly. spending some time in nature or doing what I love.


I find listening to music helps me, along with reading, getting some rest, which is difficult for me as I have an insomnia disorder, staying away from junk or “garbage food”, spending time outside either walking the nature trails near my home or doing yard work, and meditation.


Vampirism and working out.


:point_up_2: Bears repeating. And get the sun on your face, for sure. Humans are designed to need it and we get drained and depressed without it.


Diet does a lot, lots of green tea, protein, carbs, good fats and daily beet root juice with avocado, banana and blueberries, take an extra B and D vitamin for energy. This together with Epsom salt baths with magnesium and grounding in nature should do the trick. Especially when you just woke up, have fruit and water only, keep coffee for later in the day, 11am-3pm.

If you really want to work on it, you could also pick up bikram yoga, I noticed that the stretching of my body in combination with the heat helps with my energy level and provides a better flow, as well as giving a good sweat/pore cleanse which gives deeper sleep and feeling more rested as a result.


Meditation. Just the good old normal kind with some grounding.


In addition to everything already suggested on this thread, sometimes energy drain is due to lack of oxygen along with other causes.

I suggest a Pranayama (breath yoga) for about 10 mins every morning upon waking followed by a good meditation routine.

I’ve benefited immensely from this and it fills you full of energy.

Also shielding yourself from others works very well, sometimes your energy is drained by others.

Apart from this I cannot stress enough on cutting out processed foods and refined sugar. As soon as I cut out sugar, i noticed my lethargy was alleviated.