Energy amulet and blood sacrifice

I have a question about energy demons and amulets and blood sacrifice I recently ordered money amulets this has the demon. Shax asmodeus and Belial then I have another one with Abraxas and seven Olympic spirits now I know for a fact the three demonic spirits on the top listed Belial is a blood demon vampire so is asmodeus do you believe the person that created the amulets are against blood sacrifice or is it because it’s a different type of work do you suggest I offer it blood from more power they told me that if you offred blood The Amulet will stop working what is your take on what I’m telling you remember these demons an Olympic spirits already consecrated to me I’m totally confused about asmodeus Shax Belial because I they are considered vampire demons now the seven Olympic spirits and Abraxas I know very little of this is where I get confused because it is stated that any amulet get a spirit or demon is bound to will not work if you offer it a blood sacrifice to do more powerful work because they use energy work for it bounding the spirits and concentrating the spirits to me he says the demons do not like blood and Olympic Spirits do not like blood never work with consecration or binding spirits to amulets can I have in a second opinion and what is this communities take on this topic

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