Ending your family bloodline

What do you think about people ending their family bloodline, i don’t plan to have children ever, there will not be another generation of my family, i’ve told them about this and they got mad at me. I don’t know if i will offend some of you because i won’t have children. Is there something wrong with ending a family bloodline.


If they end it they end it, not like it’s objectively important or affects anyone besides the one doing it. I have siblings so they’ll continue it. I’m gay and adopting so I don’t care lol.


Why should we be offended? You’re the master of your own destiny. And if someone doesn’t like it, fuck those guys.

I won’t have kids either. I guess, it’s not like I decided it.


My bloodline will probably end with my brother and myself.

My sister-in-law can’t have children, and I don’t think I’m suited to parenthood.

I see nothing wrong with this, although our mom is quite upset about it. (What exactly does she want us to do? My brother fell in love with an older woman, and I’m just not patient enough to be a good mom.)


I have siblings too, i don’t think they are going to continue either.


My mom got upset when i told her about it. I don’t have patience for children. I won’t be a good father nor i would try to be one.


You can always do it in the spirit world in the future if you want. Just make an energetic clone of your physical body. Make it the exact same. Then use it to get a baby with an etheric being

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She could do that herself as well in spirit world. Though if you tell her, make sure she doesn’t copy your energy body , but the physical one you have now. That way her physical body’s bloodline will be carried on

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Idgaf having kids in this world, each generation gets worse with technology and entitlement , these parents are slaves to their kids paying inflated tuition costs for college while their kids go on Snapchat and tiktok all day at lots younger ages too of course , why have kids just to watch them go on technology all day, all my middle school brother and friends do is games and YouTube 24/7 like his damn tablet is part of his brain it’s just a sad world these kids don’t know what it’s like to go outside and have fun for a couple hours and it isn’t getting any better


My parents want a grandkid to spoil, even though they’ve said they’re glad my brother and I graduated from high school right before internet usage became common enough for cyberbullying to be a thing.

Interestingly, a LOT of Silicon Valley bigwigs send their kids to Waldorf schools, which discourage computer/smartphone/television/tablet exposure before the age of 13 or so. Gee, I wonder what they know that the general public doesn’t. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think it is a personal choice, there is nothing morally wrong with ending a families bloodline. It may upset the ones it relates to, yes, but it isn’t really their decision.

You can always sell your eggs or sperm. Your bloodline can continue. Someone else can raise your kids.


You don’t owe anybody a fuckin’ thing. The only seeds that’ll ever grow in me are my intentions.

Thank you.


My bloodline ends with me as well. Not sorry about it either. As all things are meant to end so too are bloodlines so I am fine with it. No regrets as I prefer to not have any.

My family’s bloodline will end with me as well. I think they should have done so much earlier already. Yes, there are discussions about it with my parents (they are asking for ten years already if I am REALLY sure) but in the end they only want grandchildren because thats what “everybody” does in their opinion (and probably because they are bored with their own lives. Not my job, tbh).


Furture generations are supposed to grow up smarter than us. I have friends younger than me, they’re so damn entitled. Nothing is ever good enough. It drags me down. I see kids in charge of their parents. Making them drive them to GameStop on Black Friday for a new video game console and then demanding to be able to play it right away and then expecting more shit on Christmas. Go fuck yourself, kiddo.

This “love is in the form of a gift” programming is like a giant squid destroying ships at sea. Relationships, intima-sea. Hahaha Fuckin materialism. The commericials have turned whole generations of kids into commericals. My Ex, smh… They’re all fuckin commercials.


I am not so keen on having kids myself unless those kids are the product of an extremely loving, kind, supportive, highly compatible marriage.

That being said I have no issue with not having any kids. So far my only sibling has not had any kids either so who knows maybe this bloodline will be dead.


Honestly, if the basic desire of your parents is to extend their family bloodline, they should have think of it before and make enough offspring to raise the chance to transfer their genes. Now, it’s not your problem and “responsibility” lol, it’s theirs.

You’re more than your biological insticts and obviously you were born to expand and create yourself, not only to share your genes like almost all biological populations and then die. Many people just still remain in basic, lower perception thinking that giving birth to a kid is the greatest thing you can do on Earth, and then there’s no need to do anything more because you’re kinda “fulfilled”. Lol, that’s sad.
I’m not saying that raising children is completely wrong because it’s not, but people tend to forget that their children are not their property nor they’re the last thing to focus on during their living. Just meeting all those people who perceive themselves as best gods only because they gave birth to some kids and doin nothing about the rest is pretty annoying to me. Many people should never be parents in my opinion.

The other thing is that they might be afraid of lack of help in the future when they will be old, and that’s why they really pay attention to offspring. (At least that’s why my parents raised me for) Fear might be understandable but honestly I perceive it to be pretty cowardly that you must have a children because of your need and fear to take care of your ass.

Btw I tend to think that family bonds made in this reincarnation don’t last after your death, if you don’t feel a connection with your family, and many people actually don’t nowadays. Like, who cares of family bloodline if you incarnate in different families and amongs different people every time you decide to reincarnate tho.


The thing is i don’t want it to continue it, i’m ending it.

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That doesn’t work that way. The spiritual child would have 0 traits from the physical body only traits from the spiritual body by both parents. It’ll only carry on your true self spiritual line.