Empty Your Cup

I Studied Taoism and followed the way of the Tao for years before I adopted to the philosophical principals of Buddhism.

Lao Tzu’s Teachings have helped me, beyond measure, in learning stillness, disipline and having No thought which equates to no judgment which in turn negates duality.

Essentially Taoism and Buddism are almost one in the same as far as conceptual thinking go, with the theory and application of principals being the obvious difference.

Along with Confucianism, these three, make up Neo-Confucianism. All three being so very similar in their teachings that some have opted to combine these three religious philosophies into one.

I myself, do not follow, nor have I ever studied the teachings of Confucius, so I do not and nor have I ever considered myself to be a Neo- Confucian.

But moving right along we circle back to Taoism. I always loved the idea of balancing forces. The :yin_yang: symbol is a very accurate representation of the dualistic nature of reality. Two equal and opposite forces. One, being immovable (usually me, lol), the other unstoppable. And the balancing dance of the two, form existence as we know it. But that was not enough for me. I wanted to know what lies beyond the veil…

…So I took a peek and saw the vastness of nothingness. The soothing, ever present, all pervading, all consuming, nothingness. The Abyss. This, for me, was Buddhism.

The eternal stillness, from which all movement is born of and to which all movement will return to.

The eternal silence, from which all sound is born of and to which all sound will return to.

Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.
-Samuel Beckett

From Nothing we came and to nothing we will return. Once I embraced, and understood this there was nothing left for me to know. And I could easily become the silent non-judging witnesser of, not only my own ego but of all of existence, which I now know myself to be.

I use to be a Buddhist…now I lean towards misanthropy and have nihilist views. But that is just me. I became a little God of Misanthropic Nihilism. :wink:

But as far as magick goes? I used Feng Shui as a way to incorporate my Buddhist beliefs into my magickal practice. But that, is another thread.

Yup Mulan. But truth is thuth is truth. :joy:


Will you empty your cups and take a sip of nothing…



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Nothing doesn’t exist, tho.

Nothingness both precedes existence and is present at the end of existence. It is forever present, eternal, and can be conceptualised as a precondition for all things, but it does not “exist”. This does not make it intangible however, just incredibly hard to understand, as it is possible to think yourself out of the ego and out of human existence, into at least a fourth dimensional perspective.

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I think you are making it more complicated than it is. Not being doesn’t happen.

I wish that was true.

Explain your theory, please.

Alice from Wonderland - “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

With all due respect, I didn’t ask for a fucking quote. I asked for a presentation of your theory in your own words. Do not degrade yourself or waste my time.


If you are saying nothing does indeed exist… Than you should call it something else.

Are we done here?

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I am knot.

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There is something and then there is nothing. Two words to describe two things.

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For someone who is Knot, I would have thought you would know more about naught. I guess not.

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Not when being was an illusion in the first place.

No, that thing just changes, and the perception of the thing observing it is no longer able to hinge its idealization of the thing illusorily being off of itself, which that thing is.

The illusion of not being and being is just that. Knowledge of that illusion is even more deceptive. There is no such thing as nothing.

No space, no sound, no movement. NoThing. The logic is pretty simple. If a room is empty, then what is it filled with? Nothing. Now image that all of existence was empty. All would be NoThing.

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Zoom in on that seemingly ‘empty’ space, the more you zoom into a place that looks empty, the more you will see it is in fact full of things, and stuff.

Well zoom in further and you will see that atoms are all but empty space. And then zoom in even farther you will see that even those electrons and neutrons are just empty space. And zoom in even further and you will see that all the quarks (ie. leptons) are just part of the sub-atomic particle field and that is indefinable as the particles jump into and out of existence. And zoom in even farther you will see that all of existence is really the empty space that the tiniest of particles jump into and out of. The only permanent thing that exists, is just the empty space aka NoThing.

Now, if you cannot understand that, then I am not the one who can lead you to enlightenment, which is the understanding of the Tao, which can be interpreted as nothingness.


So then you are saying that nothing is everything? Everything is nothing? Nothing exists… Omg…

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