Thread idea; authentic season in hell

About Satanic styles and lifestyles out there…done artistry

*2 superorganism for the band recommendation and :musical_note: :notes: lyrics

*i luv that pic of him. just had to throw it in there for good measure

Turn the radio up for that sweet sound
Hold me close, never let me go
Keep this feelin’ alive
Make me lose control
Baby, baby
When I look in your eyes, I go crazy
Fever’s high with the lights down low
Take me over the edge
Make me lose control

A little lady with the lady with the red dress
I don’t know who you are but then I’m really impressed
Let’s discuss it over dinner and wine
I have a million different ways for us to unwind girl
I just want to bring out the romance in you
Don’t get me wrong you’re the song I’m dancing to
And no reply all she added was jest
Me I go find another lady with the red dress on
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

“Go onto pinterest” Lucifer through a dream a few nights ago.

I forgot about it until now. My current look is a mess.

I used to be popping fresh every single year with a brand new look and color choice. I used to only buy shirts in one color (mostly) that entire year.

Over time I had a really beautiful and varied color palette of clothes.

I had them all lined up in color wheel.

When I was teenager my room was spotless and had my outfits planned out for an entire month out.

Fashion whys I have been in a real rut.

I discovered fairycore…and I am into little wear too.

Like I want a dark/little/fairy look…

I don’t know how it will look at least now I know what I want in future aesthetic.

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The only reason i joined this forum was to publicly share what as helped me through my trauma and my abilities.

I had great people over the years teach me

I believe in giving back such things

I am completely restarting my life over

I have found inspiration here

There is a depth of knowledge here

I only wanted to have deep conversation about the world

And i will just leave it at that

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I am the one who chose my path
Realize that I can never win
Sometimes feel like I have failed
Inside where do I begin?
My mind is laughing at me


My realest energetically self

What i most want in mind, body and soul to occur


And where i want to live

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I rather be alone then be bothered by anyone whos energies aren’t vibing with me. Trust me when i say if we aren’t aligned, you ain’t around me

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new day aRising