Empowering Defensive System

Hello Everyone, I am Writing this Post to Share with you a Good Defensive System i started using since three weeks I call it an Empowering Defensive System here why :

This Defensive System is composed of Two Spirit bonded to an Object(Two Object for two Entities) The First Entity need to be able to Purify any Negative Energy in yourself or your Immediate Surrounding and also to Transmute any Negative Energy(Harmful Energy for you) into Positive Energy(Good and Beneficial Energy for you). The Second Spirit need to be able to Protect you from Physical and Astral attacks and to be ableto attack back any entity that would attack you.

The First Entity(The Filter one) Need to be Sealed in an Object representing Transmutation, I used a Lava Rock Skull since the Skull present Death and the Death Card in Tarot Symbolize this Kind of Death and Rebirth, This Kind of Transformation. I buy it in a New Age Shop.
This Object need to be Placed in your Temple, or in a Room where you can access it easily.

The Second Entity(Defensive one) Need to be sealed in a Object that you will be wearing most of the time(For me it’s a Mala that I use to make Mantra).

So, If someone is Attacking you or sending you any Negative Energy The Second Entity(Defensive and offensive one) will stop most of the Harmful Energy from touching you,
But if some of this Energy is still able to touch you, By Going to the Filter Entity you will be Cleaned from any Negative Energy and in the same time Being Empowered since he will transmute the Negative energy into Positive energy.

So By using this System, Any Curse casted on you will not Harm you but instead will Empower you and make you Stronger, while harming the one who have casted the Curse.

For the Filtering Entity I used an Angel whose name was revealed to me by another Angel with whom I am Working with.

The Second Entity(Defensive and offensive one) is a Fire and Earth Elemental Entity, Fire for the Offensive and Earth for the Protection, i have found this Entity in the Elemental Realm.

Since i start using this System, my Magic is much more Powerful(I got many more Results)
and i Feel much Better in general.

Hope this will be Helpful to you Folks!

Best Regards

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You found dual-elemental entety with both elements of fire and earth, or you combined two forces of two different elemental spirits?

i’ve found a Dual Elemental Entity with Both Element of Fire and Earth

Very useful, thanks for sharing!

Its a Pleasure!


I called Upon Ishmaelta to Ask Him to Give me Two Protective Spirit, one for the Astral and one for the Physic, in Order to enchance even more my Defense System

I think this is what I need to do to defend myself in the warfare I am in. Can I use demons instead? I don’t work with Angels. Also how do I bind an entity to an object and how do I create elementals? Or how do I find that dual entity?Please if you could give me some details, thank you!

Of course you can use Demon, As for How to Bind a specific Entity, You will want to First find the proper Demon that you want to Bind, and the Proper Object. When it is done, You will Evoke the Entity but not in a Full Manifestation, instead Evoke him in a Kind of Energitic Cloud or Fog, and make it enter the Object, then Manifest Him completely in the Object your using, And give him the Proper task that you want him to do, and also mention in the Incantation that he is Bind to the Object your using, that it is now his Home and Sanctuary.

Then Create Blue wall all over the Object and solidify to fully Bind the Entity in the Object.