Reality Alert System (RAS)

Similar to the National Weather Service’s Severe Weather Alert System or the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

Entities/servitors specially tasked to travel into the future, the astral realms and in the physical realm to bring back intelligence and advise the magickian about problems and opportunities in their path.

Kind of like a magickal MI6/CIA/NSA sort of. With a defensive shield of sorts.

Voices, signs, and dreams that warn you so you won’t end up in unfortunate situations and avoid wrong decisions. Not make the same mistakes over and over.

Seems like an excellent idea.


lol forum cooties strikes again, I was just working on something - actually, some_one_ - not unlike that! :smiley:

Will post details soon.


Hello moderator,
I have been having difficulty scrying and see spirit. Please kindly recommend a psychic portion, oil or empowerment for me.

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[quote=“isaacwilliam1, post:3, topic:12016”]Hello moderator,
I have been having difficulty scrying and see spirit. Please kindly recommend a psychic portion, oil or empowerment for me.[/quote]

Welcome to the forum! There’s a lot of great information available on this site, and you might find these links useful to begin with:

✦ the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

✦ over 4 years’ worth of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function;

If you don’t know anything about magick whatsoever (which is absolutely fine! We were all there once) then we can help you best if you focus on the goal/s you hope to achieve from learning magick - questions about psychic quick-fixes tend to be the type of things it would honestly take a book to answer - and may not get you closer to your goal!

By all means research these using the Search function, and of course, normal search engines, but it helps members here to help you, if you try to keep things a bit focused and specific on the goasl you wish to achieve, and not the thing you think will get you there.

Magick is about results, and staying focused on those might save you time and feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the different methods used to contact spirits or build personal power.

But first, please take a minute to post an introduction in this thread

It can include:

✦ Your name, or why you chose you magickal/forum name
✦ Photos if you’re comfortable - NOT mandatory!
✦ Kinds of magick you like
✦ Current goals
✦ Current struggles

It’s one of the forum’s rules, but you probably didn’t see it because people somehow never do! :wink:

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anything ever come of this?