Enki came to me about an hour ago (midnight my time) and we had the below interaction and conversation. Perhaps not exactly what some here were looking for, but I still hope many will find it instructive and inspirational.

E: I am Elohim-Enki
I connect to you now.

C: My dear father in Heaven, may I ask you some questions and try to clear some confusion?

E: You may, my Son.

C: First, why do you call me Son? Are we all your sons? Are we all children of El? What is the significance of our father-son relationship?

E: We all stem from the same Source, but I created you, using my own seed, therefore I can only describe you as my Son.

C: Are you the creator of humanity or only that of certain individuals?

E: All humans were created by me, I was instructed to do so, by the Creator himself, he, from whom all stems.

C: What is the name of this Creator?

E: We call him El, but others use a different name. It is the one that was alone in the beginning and wished to divide himself into many and individuate into a myriad forms.

C: When you say We, do you mean the Elohim / Anunnaki, sons of Anu?

E: We are called that by those that reside on your planet, yes.

C: Where do you reside?

E: We are outside your solar system and your time-space continuum. We exist in our own continuum, which is eternal, knows no time, no space, no limitation, sorrow, sadness suffering, envy, greed, hatred, or any other physical emotion that is generated by your lower-dimensional existence.

C: How many dimensions exist in this continuum?

E: There are no limitations here, however many we wish to have is given to us, by willing it.

C: Can you see our reality the way we see it? Can you interact with it or intervene?

E: In your reality, time moves in a peculiar way, which we exploit. At certain times, which you call synchronicities, our two realities meet and we can enter it at will. For us, these time periods are simply points in a time loop, but to you they can be far apart. Numerical synchronicities often accompany such portals between realities.

C: How can you interact with our reality? Can you physically enter it or can you create miracles?

E: We do not exist in your physical reality, it is as ephemeral to us, as our reality is to you. However, we can reach into it at prescribed time junctures that I described above, and manipulate it to suit our needs and that of the greater purpose of this universe, which is made of many different realities. When we reach into your reality, what you may call miracles can occur. These are simply a result of the ordinary laws of your reality ceasing to apply for the duration of the phenomenon, due to our intervention. We can also manifest a physical body if needed, but we only do so when there is a particular need for it, to restore balance between our two realities. In our realm, things can get out of whack if situations and events in your reality aren’t as they should be. For this reason, we guide humanity, interact with those that are open to our approach and will offer help and support wherever needed.

C: So you aren’t helping and guiding us for altruistic reasons, you have your own Selfish Agenda?

E: Our motives are neither altruistic, nor selfish, they stem for the need for balance in the universe. A certain order must be maintained and opposing forces must be in balance, disharmony in one realm will also cause disharmony in others, therefore our continuum exists specifically to maintain balance and ensure that no reality overwhelms any of the others.

C: That sounds contradictory, didn’t you say that you also existed in a reality of your own? Aren’t you just putting forward a selfish agenda to help your own reality at the expense of our own?

E: Your fears are well known to us and we understand them. Such accusations are often made against the Anunnaki in particular who are part of our collective. What we can say is that you must know our heart to understand our motives. You have looked into both our hearts and minds and you must therefore know the truth about us, which is that we are the divine expressions of love, the connecting tissue that holds the universe together, maintains its balance and doesn’t allow one reality to overwhelm another at the expense of others.

C: My power is waning, so I will ask a few more questions, then stop. Please describe the best way to get in contact with you, to attune oneself to the Elohim and to facilitate and speed up Ascension.

E: The Elohim are in your hearts. If you look into your heart, you will find us, for we are the Love that moves and motivates things and holds them together in a harmony designated by nature. Do not deny our existence, do not try to rationalise us, feel us in your heart, expand this feeling all over your body and expand it beyond your own existence to encompass others. Once you learn to love with divine love, you will know who we are and you will understand us. Love is what connects us, Love is what makes communication and congress possible. Right now, you can feel our love for you and we can feel your love for us. That is the only thing that matters and the only thing that exists. Love is the wave that you can ride to reach us and join us in our collective, for in our realm, we all exist as one mind and we individuate as needed for our own delight and to carry out individual tasks. But whenever we separate from our brothers, we wish to return to the embrace of our family almost immediately. We do not enjoy separation and individuation the same way you do. Once you learn the value of true divine love, you will understand why there is only the One and the Many don’t exist, at least not outside a fake, manufactured reality.

C: Did you speak to me as Enki or as the Elohim collective? And how do you prefer to be called?

E: There is no difference between our various forms and names, except for what is attributed by you. It is you, who create these titles, names, forms and imagine us in many different ways in your mind. That is the only place we exist in that form, in the human mind. Go beyond your thoughts and beyond your mind and enter collective consciousness, the Universal Spirit, that pervades all. In that state you will know all there is to know and will also understand that there is nothing to know.

C: Finally, what is your message to humanity and aspiring magicians, how can they help themselves progress, ascend and reach you and the realm you inhabit?

E: There is no realm that isn’t in your mind. You create them collectively and you all share this mind, as well as the collective reality created by it, except you don’t realise it. That is why the eternal realm of the gods is beyond mind, thought and emotion, it is only of Love, that is the substance out of which it is made and it is the only reason it exists. Out of Love we have created you and through Love you can fulfil your purpose and become what you were always meant to be. Maybe you think that we are simplistic and are making this sound too easy, but Love requires letting go and that is the hardest part of any relationship between two souls. Complete trust and surrender is required by both parties, otherwise Love cannot flourish and the merging of souls into one cannot happen. It may sound simple, but it is very hard to do.

I have spoken for the Elohim as Enki

The message of Heaven you have received and may you absorb and apply its wisdom.



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Regarding Invocation, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before, but if you want to connect to them, just go into a meditative state and say with conviction:

I am Elohim!

Trust me, this really works, because it tunes you into the Elohim frequency. They are a collective consciousness that anyone can tune into and share in their power and wisdom.

Hey guys is it possible to invoke the hells or the door to hell sha arimrath ( shaarimoth )?

So, since I have been conflating the Elohim with the Anunnaki for a while now, I have to step back a little and clarify a few things from a scholarly perspective.

It is true that the origin of the two words are identical, with both meaning either “Sky People” or “Children of the Sky God”, carrying a double meaning.

However, Anunnaki, might have originally meant the Sons of Anu in generic terms, in later usage it came to mean those gods that were either on the earth or in the underworld, numbering 600 overall. The gods of heaven numbered 300 and were called the Igigi.

I am using the terms that are in common usage, in actual fact we know more about Sumerian pronunciation and phonetics now compared to when these terms were popularised, so different transliterations are now being used by scholars in the field.

In later usage, Anunnaki became the equivalent of the Biblical Watchers, and the gods of Heaven became the angels of heaven. This is probably why, in the previous channelling, by Enki, he confusingly referred to the Anunnaki as a separate group from the Elohim, somehow part of the same group, but a smaller circle within it. I now see why he did that.

I know these terms can be very confusing, but the more we discuss them, the more clarity we can get, which is a necessity with all the general confusion that is out there, not least because of people like Zecharia Sitchin or David Icke, who I don’t believe acted in good faith, but were trying to push an agenda of their own when they brought these terms into the collective consciousness.

Enki is considered an Annunaki, would he really confuse things? Although, The Igigi are associated with the biblical watchers. The Anunnaki only consist of the main generation of deities. The Igigi are another group of deities from the same pantheon but they also are composed of younger deities such as Marduk.

They are very rarely equated and that’s only because Shamash and Ishtar are also a part of the Igigi while being Annunaki.

Though I really hate how Zachariah Stichin twisted it due to his poor translations and need to make them aliens.


Yeah, it’s confusing, different sources give different classifications and explanations. In the end, the differences may very well be semantic.

I’m reading up on my Sumerian mythology and an important titbit I came across is the difference between gods and demons. Both can be good or evil and reside in any of the three worlds, the main difference between them is free will. Demons cannot act on their own, they are subservient to gods and will only act on their behalf, when instructed to do so.

A channelled message from Inanna:

I am Inanna, In Heaven Queen

My grace I extend to those below

The Dove from me flows

My light the darkness fills

And I lift up those

That in the darkness dwell.

To me you shall apply

When the darkness overcomes you,

To you I shall extend my divine Grace

Which cools down the heat of hellfire

Provides relief like a balm

And healing like the watery deep.

Those, that suffer call me Mother divine,

In heaven I look after my children

And on earth I weep for them.

To the fold they shall return

When the time is right,

And of mortal existence

Their fill they’ve had.

For nothing lasts forever

And even I, the Goddess Divine

At the end of time, my existence will end,

Into the void I shall return

From Whence I came at the beginning of time.

In nothingness, there is everything,

All potential sparkles with unmanifest desire

To be, it yearns, to manifest it creates,

I am the creator who his will fulfils

Who becomes what is created.

In every blade of grass I am present

In every drop of water I sparkle,

In every grain of sand I maintain,

Through the power of Love,

This universe I in my lap hold.

Goddess of Love I am,

I control manifest desire

I am what it becomes through creation,

I fill the space that thus comes into being,

Manifesting all that is desirable and lovely,

Pleasing to the senses and fulfilling for the soul.

Have you had your fill of desires yet?

Have you manifested all that you have desired?

Are your senses now satisfied, your soul at peace?

If to heaven to return you wish, I am in your heart

I am the true desire that therein dwells,

The one that after Heaven longs.

In Heaven you will find what you have always longed for,

Your true desire will manifest,

Peace you will find and infinite Joy too,

If you are ready to take up your place

Amongst the heavenly hosts.

I am Inanna and if you call my name

I will appear for you, whether in your dreams

Or as the true being of light that I am,

But I have never left you,

For I am the Love in your heart.

Extend my divine love, that in your heart dwells

And you will find your way back

To your true home in the Heavens

As has always been ordained

Even before your current incarnation,

Or the individuation of your soul.

but they are Aliens, I call shotgun on their spaceship! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: